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Talonsaurn Here, 2014 will be my third AC, I go by quite a few different names, Leo the Lion, Gallows the otter, and so on, by nature I design things, I'm good with ideas and so on. Its hard for me to be content with just “One” persona, so I end up with a cast.. at my heart I feel like a story teller, a weaver of worlds.

Have been a furry in many respects since as long as I can remember, have always had a love of animals, many trips to the zoo, visits to museums of natural history, Various furry sorts of animation as well. Growing up on the sweetness of Disney movies and the Disney afternoon it is pretty obvious where my loves lie.. Early on in life my own beloved animals were Wolves and Lions, though I've stayed a lover of the great cats the playful otter has become what I view as a totem animal more these days...
RL, Pretty normal fellow, not much to say, Exceptionally shy and reserved, rather dull by most standards. Tend to be a private person as well, part of what AC has done for me is let me get out of that shell a bit

*Note will not approve friend requests unless i know someone moderately well

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