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Name:Skittlez da Fox
Comment:"Oreo or Chips Ahoy?"
Hobbies:Drawing, Xbox, and anything thats not productive
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Hi, my name is Skittlez and i'm a special fox Laughing out loud. I first herd about the fandom about November of 2011. I am 14 now and hopefully meet a bunch of other people to talk or play with Smiling. I have an xbox and a steam account but my computer lags to much so i dont play on it. I also liked to draw alot. Also since i am new I"ll work my way up to the ladder of being SUPA POPULAH, I also plan to buy a fursuit soon.

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Well um... Fox

Things I love:-YouTube Poop
-Fur suiting
-Making Jokes
-My fursona
-Making Parodies Smiling
-Game Stop
-Video Making

Things I hate:-KKK
-School Work
-People who are horny all of the time
-Olive garden
-Fud Ruckers
-Claw Machines!!!!
-I don't hate them but staff members make me jealous!
-Jersey Shore(especially the one where nothing happened.. oh wait thats all of them.)
-Soul Eater
-My little Pony!(makes my stomach hurt)

Fursona: Mainly lime green, but purple crescent shape marking on head, and curvy hour glass shape on stomach. I also have a white muzzle and purple Paws, feet, and white at the tip of my tail.

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