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Location:Johnstown, PA, USA (Lives/Attends college at), Sandusky, OH, USA (Summer Job- Cedar Point food attendant)
Comment:"My life is figuratively and literally filled with rollercoasters."
Hobbies:My Little Pony FIM, Archer, The Simpsons, We Bare Bears, Frisky Dingo, Movies, (Wannabe) Parkour artist, Town of Salem, Rollercoasters, Parodies, Fursuiting
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I am a person who is generally interested in fur-fandom. It started with a love for the comfort of a mascot costume (when in a good environment) as just something to loaf around in when in private (sounds strange, but "yup".), but then realized how if I wanted to, I could be a new person behind the mask. I could even be myself. I have also realized a love for cartoon animals, starting off with Regular Show (but as it went to waste), found myself not watching cartoons as frequently (highschool era). In my freshman year of college, I somehow decided to let myself be dragged into My Little Pony. I was immersed by all of the pastel colors, the wide variety of ponies, the way the script was written, but it was my hunger for more anthropomorphism that brought me further in. Then, I attempted to watch the sister series, Littlest Pet Shop. At least it was more gender neutral from a perspective of a channel surfer. As dumb as I thought it was, I kept it on just because it satisfied the part of me that was into anthro.
Basically, I only accepted my identity as a furry in 2016 and I attended my first furry convention in 2017.

Fursonas: Buffalo Chicken (Ponysona), Adrennec (Fennec), Blitz Kit (Ocelot/Lynx)
Orientation: Gay
Age: 21

Other Facts worth knowing:

Also a fan of: Rollercoasters (I ride anything and everything) & My Little Pony (Not a brony, but still a fairly loyal follower in the herd).
Work: Cedar Point (foods and beverage)
School: Richland Highschool (Johnstown PA), University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (Johnstown PA)
Major: Digital Humanities/Humanities Computing (Also have a Bachelor's in Computer Science)
Favorite movie (subject to change): Speed
Favorite game: Battlefield Hardline (well, for multiplayer), Uncharted 3 (for single player)
Xbox/Playstation Handle: Jakinator178 (currently using xbox)
Steam Handle (subject to change): Fox Eared Asshole (Adrennec's head is my current profile pic)
Birth Date: 11/08/1995

Forum Signature:Feel free to message me on Telegram (@Adrennec) or Skype (Jakinator178)
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