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My fursona is Argentine Bellieros. His name pronounced with a hard G like the Latin word for silver, argentum. Far from being a der riguer unicorn, this Capricorn-aligned equine comes across as...dare we say...cynical and abrasive. Few things in this life can make him smile, and his utmost contempt is saved for the goofy and the inane. His outlook on life is a suspicious one as he is convinced beyond doubt that every single person out there is saying or thinking something insulting behind his back, that the world exists to mock him for being what he is.

Age (of fursona): 32
Sex: male
Sexuality: largely bisexual, currently invested in a male partner
Magic ability: Aside from the telekinesis (within limits) and the ability to make an energy blade of his horn that most unicorns can do, his specialty is to cause plants to grow to maturity instantly. This too is within limits though: if the plant bears fruit or vegetables, it must be pollinated before he can coax it into producing food. No instant noms, sorry-all the steps needed for a plant to produce food still have to happen.
Odd quirk: loves artisanal soaps

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