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Name:Mountain Blue Fox Joe. Crazyjoe1952,
Location:721 Bellevue Ave. Santa Rosa, Calif.95407, U. S. A.
Comment:"Power Of The Fox .Plus chicks dig a Fox,and so dos every one else."
Hobbies:Electronics , Bio Mechanics , and Just about any thing else Needs fixing.
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I'm also called Mountain Man Joe and Part of the Untamed world .I'm a highly skilled technician and many more . I can fix anything except mereges!.Looking for volunteer work .Look under ,You Tube, Mountain Blue Fox Fur Suit . To view one of my works , Its a real teaser.I hope to be hearing from you soom. This is my first time ever, So, I'm a bit nervous about this. Most Sincerely Yours Mountain Man Joe .

Forum Signature:Mountain Blue Fox Joe. I'm also on these stations, Fliker .Live Jurnel FetLife Devant Art ,and Furaffinity With lots and lots of pitchers.
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