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Furry Me

Fursona Gender: Male
Fursona Age ∞ [but stays looking like a 25yo] {been around since well before the Big Bang ~I did that btw}
Orientation: Straight
Species: Magical Fox (This is the form I like the most) [~although my True form is a gelatinous blob (like Ditto from Pokémon) i am a shape shifter]
Color: half red half blue (my mid chest to my crotch area is opposite
Tail(s): I have 9 tails: red, blue, black, turquoise, lime green, Kelly green, grey, yellow, orange
Furry Since: May 16, 2009 (Since knowing of fandom)
Partial Fursuiting Since: June 29, 2009 (My Fox Tail) | March 20, 2010 (Half fursuit) head,arms, legs, tails]
Convention been to list:
2009~ MFF
2010~ AC | MFF
2011~ AC | MFF
2012~ AC | iFC | Oklacon | MFF
2013~ AC | iFC | Oklacon | MFF
2014~ FWA | ACen | DucKon | AC | RMFC | iFC| Oklacon | MFF
2015~ TFF | FWA | AC | Fangcon | MFF | NYE Con IL
2016~ TFF | DomCon LA | AC | SELF (South East Leather Fest) | MFF | NYE Con IL
2017~ TFF | AC

Convention planning list for 2017:
August~ IFC (AA ~for fun)
September~ TBA
October~ TBA
November~ TBA
December~ MFF (Dealer ~ Hopefully)
December~ NYE Con IL (For Fun)

Furcode: FCFmp3acdf A+ C++ Dm+++ H++ M P++++ R++ T+++ W-- Z Sm++ RLAT* a cn++ d e+ f++++ h+ iw++ j++ p+++ sm--

Real Life Me

Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Relationship: Single and looking
Looking for a relationship. (As well as good Friends and maybe a quick yiff~females only =^_~=)
Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: Not telling now
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Style: Medium-Long
Eye Color: Brown
Body: A little more to love (working on it to be like my con badge)
Religious View: Pastafarian http://www.venganza.org/
Political View: Anti-[current] Government
Birth day: Nov 22, 1984
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius
Chinese Zodiac: Rat
Children: On the fence right now
Smoke: No & Never
Alcohol: No & Never

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