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Name: Soggy Otter

Why an otter? Favorite animal. Amongst many other admirable traits, otters are strong, cute, playful, cute, intelligent, cute and inquisitive. Plus otter fur is the thickest, softest and densest fur on the planet. You can't get Furrier than that!

Why the name Soggy? How I came up with the the word Soggy is a long and boring story, but I soon realized that Soggy would be the perfect name for my fursona. Face it. A soggy otter is a happy otter! The name Soggy is also cute, unique, and a bit silly. (The silly part serves as a constant reminder to me not to take any of this too seriously.)

And even after almost five years, my otter fursona is still in a state of slow refinement. For example, often his fur is skunk-striped. (Hey. If Zig Zag can be a tiger-striped skunk, then I can be a skunk-striped otter!) Hence the silly skunk-head-and-tail hat that I always wear at Furry cons.

Adding skunk-stripes to my otter got me thinking... What do you call an otter/skunk hybrid? An Onk? A Skotter? Wait! I've got it! A Skutter! It's perfect! In RL, work, and at FurFright (the Furry Con that I staff at) I truly am very much a Skutter! I even like John Wayne movies!

Quick show of hands: How many of you did not have to google Skutter to get the reference?

I've always been Furry. (IE Loved all things anthropomorphic.) Heard about the fandom in 2000 or 2001, but didn't start to get actively involved in it until 2006. Attended my first con (FurFright) in 2007. And in 2009 I was forced onto FurFright's Staff. (At gunpoint!) And now I'm doomed. Because as everyone knows: Once you are on Staff at a Furry con, the only way out is hind-paws first!

In RL I am just a boring middle-age guy. I eat, sleep, work, and in my small amount of free time, mess around with my car, truck, motorcycle, and little sailboat and surf the web searching for Furry stuff.

Damn! I really have to update my bio one of these days! FurFright is now Furpocalypse. And Furpocalypse just celebrated it's third year!

Forum Signature:Thank you, everyfur who attended Highwing's, Skarlath's, and my Zootopia panel!
Will we do it yet again, next year?
As I said last year: "Only time will tell..."
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