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Name:Rosalie Midnight Hale/Genocide
Location:United States
Comment:"You guys are free to follow me on Instagram @ teenwolffreak7171, Wattpad @ teenwolffreak717, my Snapchat @ wildkitty245 name (Rosalie) :)"
Hobbies:Horse back riding, Swimming, Reading, Writing, Dancing, Singing, Drawing/ColorDrawiand just chilling lol
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Im still in school, been in the furry fandom since i found it in 6th grade. I have 1 character (yet technically two) their names are Rosalie Midnight Hale or just Rose for short ~Female~ and Genocide Midnight Hale or just Genocide ~Male~ and they reside in the same body. They are two sides to the same soul, so only one exists externally at a time. Rose is a very gentle creature, half Dragon and half Wolf. While Genocide is a very dangerous and vengenful being, a Gryphon. Their colors are mostly the same but they have diffent markings.

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