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I live in central New York near Binghamton, have a fairly mundane day job, and spend most of my free time at the piano, on the computer, hanging around with friends, or working on something around the house (home improvement and maintenance has somehow evolved from a necessary chore to a hobby). I'm interested in nature photography and woodworking, and occasionally I'll try drawing or painting something, though results tend to vary. I like ancient Egyptian art & religion and create papyrus artwork in the ancient style, some of which I displayed at the Anthrocon Art Show in 2011. I also play WoW, currently Horde on Ysera.

I have two home made suits - a gray wolf full suit named Lupo and a partial suit of Tiger of the Wind (Rygar) from Monster Rancher. I have no plans at the moment to make any more, but I might eventually. I've also been getting into anime cosplay recently, and you may have seen me as Edward Elric or Envy from FMA, or Ritsuka Aoyagi. I try to suit or cosplay at most conventions I attend, which lately have been Furry Fiesta, Anthrocon, and FurFright. I also work as art show staff at Anthrocon.

My character is Khurynn (pronounced \\ˈkər-ən), an anthropomorphic black wolf/jackal hybrid, appx. 7 feet tall with blue eyes, long black & silver hair, and silver markings down his back, under his left eye, and on his upper arms.

Other things I really like that are suitable to list here, in no particular order: Doctor Who, Star Trek TNG and DS9, Wagner opera, Beethoven piano sonatas, Wolf's Rain, french onion soup, White Zinfandel, and the Myst series of games & novels. Oh, and Rainbow Dash is best pony.

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