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Born many years ago. Got into the fandom for the art at first because while I loved to draw as a kid and wanted to be a cartoonist when I grew up, I found I couldn't draw people, only animals. So drawing 'furries' seemed to make sense. Some what know in the fandom, I've drawn a lot of art over the years (mostly NSFW) and written a bunch of stories (a few have gotten published), and I'm currently a fursuiter (although I only attend AC). If you've attended one of the AC charity auctions within the last 6 or more years, you'll have heard my name a few times. I've attended both a trade school (2 year) and college (associates) but have never applied any of that education to a career, having gotten stuck in the role of a video game tech. I used to be a security guard as well at one point and still maintain my license.

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