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Location:Roseville, CA, USA
Comment:"Vulpine fortunes are precarious; folk either want to build monuments to us, or hang us."
Hobbies:Collecting and Promoting Anthro Artwork and Literature; Student of Animation;Culture;History;Military Science; Aerospace; Railroads; Electronics; Amateur Radio
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I'm sort of a "Grey Muzzle" (Elder Fur, if you will). I collect Anthro Artwork, and have supported a couple artists' projects.

In RL, I'm an Electronics Technician, who works primarily in the Communications field; I've worked for defense contractors and biomedical manufacturers, worked on Avionics at airfields, Marine Electronics in a fishing port, and for the last 20 years as a Telecom Tech with a major Western Class I Railroad (first the Southern Pacific, now "The Borg of Omaha"). Member, Los Angeles Science and Fantasy Society (LASFS).

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