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Comment:"Been there, done that. What's next?"
Hobbies:Music, World of Warcraft, Sewing, Sculpting, Drawing
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What to say? Um, I've been attending Anthrocon since 2005 and became a staffer in 2008. I am one of the many members of Staff you may see rushing about. My fursona is Tyrrlin the flame-crested gryphoness. I am married to the ever-charming and wonderful Darkclaw, who is one of the Staffers for the Internet Den.

In my mundane life I set instruments on fire--errrr, repair musical instruments, with an emphasis on woodwinds. I am an Army Veteran, with 10 years Active service and two years in the National Guard.

I have a cat, and play entirely too much World of Warcraft. Smiling

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