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Comment:"Animo et Fide. Interdius Noctu ad Lunar."
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Hello! My fursona is a Western Dragon, and my color is a true red with a lighter salmon colored belly and chest.

Fursona info:
Name: Dovah
Age: 132 years old (Early adulthood)
Race: Western Dragon
Elemental affiliations: Fire, White Spirit, but can vary

On the lighter side I love to curl my tail around my haunches and take a snooze in a cool dark cave. I enjoy clean/tasteful romantic cheesecake anthro art, weightlifting, being a gentleman, going to Anthrocon, hugs, drawing, painting, fine wine and beer, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

My OC profile picture avatar was drawn and colored by the talented Michelle Light. Thanks Michelle!

Forum Signature:Please save the Anthrocon Forums. Thank you! <3
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