New to Anthrocon?


Never been to Anthrocon before? That's okay, we have plenty of information on this website which will help you get to the convention, and get the most out of your Anthrocon experience once you arrive. Here's what we have to offer:

What to Take to A Furry Convention
Never been to a convention before? This document covers things every congoer should take with them.

Tips for Getting the most Out of Anthrocon
Suggestions on how to get the most out of your Anthrocon convention experience.

Tips For Congoers on Strict Budgets
Practical advice for convention attendees who may be short on money. (or students)

When, Where, and How to Leave Tips During a Furry Convention
Guidelines on when, where, and how to leave tips during a convention.

Behavior Around Fursuiters
Suggestions for behavour with and around individuals who may be wearing fursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions
This section answers questions relating to all aspects of the convention. It includes our legal notice and Standards of Conduct.

We'll see you there!

-- The Anthrocon Staff

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