The Anthrocon Convention Operations Office

Room 309 is on the left

The home of Operations: Room 309 in the Convention Center. (on left)

What is Con Ops?

The Anthrocon Operations Office, simply known as "Con Ops" or just "Ops" is located in Room 309 of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center and functions as the "nerve center" for the convention. It is the first convention room to open and the last to close.

What can Con Ops do for you?

Con Ops provides "customer service" functions for Anthrocon's membership. Examples of situations that Con Ops can handle include:

  • Lost and Found. Did you lose something? Check with us, it may have been turned in.
  • Coordinating and dispatching volunteers.
  • Questions or concerns about the hotel staff or the accommodations.
  • Questions or concerns about any specific events listed in the schedule.
  • Questions or concerns about registration.
  • Inquiries from members of the media or the general public.
  • Questions or concerns about nearby dining establishments.

What else does Con Ops do?

Con Ops handles staff check in and performs the function of interacting with the hotel on issues such as having function rooms unlocked, setting up tables or chairs, or handling any maintenance issues that may arise during the convention. Calls to the hotel for the convention are also routed to the Ops Office. During evenings, Ops also serves as the HQ for Anthrocon's security personnel in addition to their offices in Westin's Crawford room and 312 in the DLCC.

When is Con Ops open?

With the exception of Thursday through Saturday, 309 is open 9 AM to 2 AM. Sunday, we're open 9 AM to 5 PM.

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