Travel By Sea

In theory, it is possible to make it to Anthrocon entirely by water, but it would mean coming in via New Orleans, as that is the only place where an unbroken course of water enters into the sea.

These directions are provided courtesy of Sci:

  • Travel north on the Mississippi River past New Orleans and Baton Rouge, through 4 national parks along the border of Louisiana and Mississippi.
  • Bear right (east) at Arkansas until you hit Memphis.
  • Proceed North by North East until you reach the Southern part of Illinois.
  • Follow the river North East until Evansville then East until Louisville.
  • Go North East again until you reach Cincinnati. The river can still be seen at half-zoom resolution on Google Maps, so it should be big enough.
  • Go East, then North East after about 130 miles, near Huntington.
  • Go North by North East again, which will take you through Williamstown.
  • After about 400 miles, you will enter Pennsylvania.
  • After 30 more miles, you will hit the fork in the river in the middle of Pittsburgh. BEAR LEFT. After about a mile, pull over to the right side of the river to moor just outside of the Convention Center.

Since none of Anthrocon's Staff owns any boats, we haven't actually tried these directions. Please double check the route with up to date maps and any other resources before attempting to ride a boat to Anthrocon. Also, a landing permit is required to moor your vessel at the DLCC. Contact us in advance and we can help you obtain one.

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