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Parking Passes

Liberty Center Garage (underneath the Westin)

NOTE: These rates are approximate and are subject to change by the respective parking lot owners without notice!

Self Park (for guests staying at the Westin):

0-2 Hours $8.00
2-4 Hour $14.00
4-8 Hours $16.00
8-12 Hours $19.00
12-24 Hours $20.00

Note: Self-parking rates do not include in-and-out privileges!

Valet Parking: (Includes in and out privileges)

0-2 Hours $12.00
2-4 Hour $16.00
4-8 Hours $19.00
12-24 Hours $24.00

Additional note: Garage space is limited on Monday through Thursday evenings.

David L. Lawrence Convention Center Garage (10th & Penn Ave.)

This is the garage in the convention center itself. Parking rates are:

0-15 Hours $10.00
15-24 Hour $20.00

Grant Street Transportation Center (across the street from the Westin)

This is the home of the Amtrak and Greyhound stations. These parking garages are located at 55 11th Street. The Red Garage (enter at 11th and Liberty) has 428 spaces and 6'6" ceilings. The Blue Garage (enter Penn Avenue) has 563 spaces and 6'8" ceilings (8'2" up to level 2 only). Parking rates (M-F, 6 AM - 3:59 PM):

0-2 Hours $4.50
2-4 Hour $6.00
4-6 Hours $8.00
6-24 Hours $13.00

Parking rates (Nights and Weekends):

0-1 Hour $2.00
1-2 Hour $3.00
2-24 Hours $5.00

Doubletree Hotel Parking Garage

Unfortunately, Anthrocon does not have a discount available for parking at the Doubletree Garage. Note that parking will most likely be available for Doubletree guests only. Daily rates are: $20.00 per day (Sunday - Thursday), $18.00 per day (Friday - Saturday). Guests pay the parking fee through the hotel.

11th & Waterfront (2 blocks away)

This is an outdoor lot with 450 spaces. Oversized vehicles will not fit here. Hours are limited. Rates as low as $8.00/day.

Mellon Square Parking Garage (2 blocks away)

An underground garage located at 529-540 Smithfield Street, directly across the street from the Omni Hotel. It has 1100 spaces and is open 24 hours. Maximum rate is $13.75 per day ($5.00 per day on Saturday and Sunday).

15th & Smallman (6 blocks away)

This is a large lot with 1500 spaces and room for oversized vehicles. They are open quite late on most nights, but while 24 hour parking is available, it is not recommended by the parking lot operators as the lot is unattended and unsecured overnight.

  • Cars: $6.00
  • Trucks up to 24 feet: $10.00
  • Busses/Motor homes: $30.00
  • Tractors/Trailers: $50.00

Other parking

With all of these options, we should have more parking than we will ever need; of course, we have said that before about convention space, and look where it has gotten us. Just in case, Smallman Street has numerous other parking lots and garages located along its length. They vary in price and availability.

Pittsburgh Parking Cheat Sheet courtesy of Trianine!

Important note: ALL prices are subject to change without notice! Anthrocon will try its best to keep on top of any rate changes and announce them here, but neither endorses nor makes any claims regarding the price, quality or availability of parking at or around the hotel. We strongly advise you to confirm the rates when you arrive, and also to confirm the hours when your vehicle will be available to you. It is up to you to judge the security of any individual location. Our attendees are advised that parking anywhere other than a garage will be at their own risk.


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