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Joined: 2012-06-03 03:36:58 am
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Yes, that's right! You heard correctly: Pony-themed tabletop RPG games! Through much painful number-crunching work and sweat, I have forged three, count 'em THREE, different tabletop role-playing games, fitting the My Little Pony universe! I am here, to share with you these wonderful creations of mine... My precious babies... That will be played this weekend! I want to see everyone's interest, so now I'll tantalize your roleplaying tastebuds with the following descriptions of two of the three games I shall be running (the third will be a hidden, unlockable gem for the community, only to be revealed at a future date!)  Behold....

My Little Pony: TOON!
- An oooooooooold Steve Jackson system mean to focus primarily on comic mischief and shenanigans, this game is sure to tickle your funnybone! The GM runs storylines to play out like an episode on the show, featuring a different pony each time, and the story points towards a problem needing to be solved! Games run with this system tend to play out very much like the more light-hearted social and in-town episodes (Imagine "Party of One", "Find A Pet", "Luna Eclipsed" and "Sisterhooves Social") with plenty of hilarity, mischief and hugs along the way! In the end, it's up to the group to help the Mane pony write a letter to Princess Celestia about the lesson they learned that game! This system is so simple and compact, that even ponies who have never rolled a die in their life could easily pick up this game, and have just as much fun, as the more experience Pony RPers!
Current Playable Characters: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Spike, Derpyhooves, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Applebloom! (More may be announced later!)

Forest Kingdoms of Inspireland - This system is based on Steve Jackson's GURPS 4.0 system, and these games take place in the lands of Outer Equestria, the countries outlying Inner Equestria (the Equestria everypony is familiar with in the show!), and it's the duty of all kingdoms of Outer Equestria to defend and protect Inner Equestria from the evils and monsters that lurk outside of their borders, so as to protect the innocence and friendship of the prophesied "Crepuscular Circle" (the Mane 6) so that their friendship may grow untarnished and untained by the evils of hatred, disharmony and many other vile aspects of life, so that in adulthood, they may take up the reigns of Protectors of Equestria, as Celestia, Luna, and other fabled heroes of lore have once before! Games played with this system are designed to touch a bit heavily on the more action and adventure-type aspects of the show, fitting a "Dungeons and Dragons"-esque feel (Think like "Dragonshy" and the Season Openers, along with the Season 2 closers!) This system is quite a bit more complex than the previously-mentioned system, so although it can be played by novices with very little explanation, it's complex customization is what really makes this system shine, so it can also be exponentially more fun for those more experienced with tabletop gaming!
Current Playabe Characters: Group A: Celestial Circle - Celestia, Luna, Dawnstrider*, Nimbus*, Gilded Lily*, Draìoct Neighsach*
Group B: Cerulean Circle - OC ponies quickly templated/constructed before the game starts! This means you could be your very own pony self!!

Mystery Game #3 - To be announced...! (All I can tell you now, is that it's going to be SO AWESOME! /)°3°(\ )

Don't these games sound amazing? I know plenty of ponyfolk out there who'd LOVE their chance to pretend to be their favorite pony, or would even love to go adventuring as their own OC pony! If YOU are one of said ponies, then please respond here, so I can see what everypony wants to do, so that I can respond accordingly, and sign up to host some games, during the weekend Laughing out loud

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