Special note for our Canadian (and other foreign) dealers

Last year, we had some reports of dealers from Canada being denied entry into the US because of their intention to sell artwork or other wares at Anthrocon; the border patrol agents seemed to believe this constituted "work" and required a work permit. Anthrocon has no control over the U.S. border nor the agents who guard it, but be assured that we are still doing what we can to make it easier for our dealers from neighboring countries to attend the convention.

For those who have not had any problems thus far, we really do recommend shipping your wares ahead instead of bringing them with you.

For those who had trouble in previous years, we recommend taking the following steps:

1) File a complaint, if you have not already done so, with the Customs Service. Instructions on how to do so can be found on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website:

"If you believe that you have been denied entry for no legitimate reason, you may click on the "ask a question" tab at the top of this page to submit the complaint. It will be forwarded to our passenger processing office for review. Please be sure to include all details, such as time and place of arrival, reason for denial of admission, and any evidence you have that you believe should have resulted in a decision to admit you into the U.S."

Click on the link in the paragraph above and enter the words "denied entry" into the first search box.

Click on the first answer that comes up ("Why was I denied entry?"), and then click on "Ask a question" at the top.

Enter the required information and as much as you can recall about the incident, and what reason was given for you being denied entry. It is up to you to state your case, but make sure you include the fact that you had the necessary sales permits and tax licenses for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Pittsburgh. I personally recommend that you write out your entire narrative in a word processor and cut and paste it into this box, since the page has a short idle-timeout.

For "Topic", choose "Complaints/Comments" and "Denied admission."

For "Who you are" choose "Vendor."

Follow the remaining prompts.

There are concerns among certain dealers who were denied entry in previous years that this fact alone will prevent them from being admitted into the USA again. To clear this, you need to contact the US Embassy or US Consulate in your country. It could not hurt to describe the situation to them and indicate that you have filed a complaint already; they may be able to offer additional assistance.

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