Anthrocon Newsletter, Issue #2007-01

Table of Contents:

1) Need a Ride to Anthrocon or a Room during the convention?
2) Attention Fursuiters! Request the Fursuit Floor Online!
3) Got a Programming Suggestion?
4) Westin Hotel Sells Out; Omni William Penn Hotel Lowers Room Rates
5) Small incident at Convention Center; Anthrocon not affected
6) Anthrocon Dances
7) Anthrocon Charity Auction
Cool Anthrocon Masquerade
9) Help Contribute to the Anthrocon 2007 Conbook!
10) Credits
11) About this Newsletter

Need a Ride to Anthrocon or a Room during the convention?

We have opened up our Ride Share and Room Share forums. If you are in need of a ride or a room, or have one to offer, please let others know on our forums:

Attention Fursuiters! Request the Fursuit Floor Online!

Anthrocon tries to accommodate our fursuiting attendees in hotel rooms that are more easily accessible via the stairs. If you are going to be bringing your costume to the convention, you can request space on the Fursuit Floor by using this handy web-form:

Got a Programming Suggestion?

Many of Anthrocon's Programming events come from ideas suggested by our attendees. If you would like to suggest a panel discussion or workshop topic, we have created an online form that you can use to submit your idea. We welcome all suggestions, but ask please that our eager attendees try to keep their ideas on-topic!

Westin Hotel Sells Out; Omni William Penn Hotel Lowers Room Rates

As of February 1, the Westin hotel has sold out. Additionally, our overflow hotel, the Omni William Penn Hotel has lowered their room rates to accomodate Anthrocon's membership. Rooms for up to 4 people are now available for only $105 per night! If you have a pre-existing reservation in our room block at a higher rate, no action is required -- your stay will be automatically billed at the lower rate.

For those who still wish to have a room in the Westin, they have set up a waiting list. You can get on the waiting list for the Westin by calling Lia Savini at 1-412-281-3700 ext. 7141. The waiting list will be strictly first-come, first-served, and room type cannot be guaranteed.

Small incident at Convention Center; Anthrocon not affected

There was a minor accident this week at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, involving a semi trailer, the 10th St. Tunnel, and excessive gravity. The damage to the Center is minor and localized to the parking garage over the tunnel, and thus the portions to be occupied by Anthrocon are not affected.

Anthrocon Dances

The Anthrocon dances have a tradition of showcasing some of the finest DJ talent the furry fandom has to offer. Running Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, the dances offer a variety of musical styles, including drum and base, house, trance, hardcore, industrial, 80s, and more.

In 2007, Anthrocon has the honor of hosting the following DJs: Rigel, Tek-Fox, Genki, Draconum, Alphawolf, Tails, Butterscotch, Rory, and Ironheart.

Anthrocon Charity Auction

The Anthrocon Charity Auction is currently accepting donation confirmations for this year's convention. You can donate items by mail or drop them off at the convention. If you would like to participate by donating artwork or merchandise to the auction to benefit our selected non-profit this year, please see our website for details.

Anthrocon Masquerade

The Anthrocon Masquerade is currently accepting confirmations of participation in this year's event. If you have a costume-related act or skit you'd like to perform on stage at this year's convention, please see our website for details

Help Contribute to the Anthrocon 2007 Conbook!

Anthrocon is currently seeking submissions of artwork, fiction, photography, and articles for publication in its 2007 convention book, and is having a drawing for all the people who submit material! The prize is an 'honorary' Super-Sponsorship, with all the Super-Sponsor perks: Shorter registration line, Convention T-shirt, a Super-Sponsor only meal with our guests of honor, and a special gift that only the Super-Sponsors receive.

Simply send stories or artwork to us! For each piece that is sent according to guidelines (proper release forms, proper formatting, etc.), you will get one entry into the drawing. There is no limit of entries, so send as much as you like! Your submission (and release form) must be received no later than April 30, 2007 to be eligible for the drawing. Winners will be randomly selected on May 1, 2007. For complete details, guidelines, and release form, check out the Anthrocon Conbook Submission Guidelines page on our website.


Special thanks goes to Tom "Tom Howling" Geller for providing help with the formatting and layout of this issue. Tom can be visited on the web at:

About this Newsletter

The Anthrocon Newsletter is published on a semi-regular basis. Back issues and subscription information can be found on our website at:

Contents Copyright 2007, Anthrocon, Inc.
Permission is granted to redistribute this newsletter under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

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I would like to ask if I

I would like to ask if I have to pre-register if I want to go to the Anthrocon for one day? Would it be only $25?

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At this time, we do not

At this time, we do not offer pre-registration for day passes. Day passes can be bought on-site at the convention, however.

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