Pokefur offering rides to/from mid-Michigan to AC (5th-9th)

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Joined: 2013-01-31 08:56:48 pm
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I usually drive with a long time bud of mine to Anthrocon each year, but since he's not able to make it, I got space, and wouldn't mind getting one or two along for the ride to split costs.
I'll be leaving from Reese/Birch Run (depending on work) on Thursday, and coming back Monday. Will be taking I-75 down and taking the Turnpike in Ohio, and taking the reverse route home. I can take SOME detours to pick you up, but not THAT far off the route.
I'll have 1 tote and 2 bags, but the tote and 1 bag will be trunked, so much the back of my Fusion is free for other luggage. Depending on the amount of baggage involved, I could fit a second fur in.
The total I usually calculate each trip is around $200 when including gas, tolls, and parking. So around $100 for one rider, and $70 for a 3 way split. Can negotiate if picking up part way
If you need a ride, feel free to hit me up here, or message me on Telegram at: Radman_The_Lucario

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