Offering trips to and from the Airport

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Joined: 2012-12-28 02:09:47 am
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Howdy folks. I do this every year. I'm offering trips to and from the airport. Whats the charge you may ask? Free~ Ok I lied, you will be paying me by giving me an opportunity to earn some good karma.


I'll be ariving on the 3rd and leaving on the 9th. If your plane is ariving sometime between then I can come by with my Prius C and pick you up. I have two things to point out though:


1) I own wolf hybrids. As such my car is peppered with fur. If you're alergic to pat hair/dander then I won't be able to offer you a ride.

2) I tend to voluneer a lot of time working for the con so if you're ariving during one of the main days of the con, I probably won't be able to pick you up at the Airport.


Feel free to reply to the forum thread or send me a private message with days and times. I'll reply with my cell number so you can get in contact with me.

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