**Spots Filled** 1-2 Spots available at the Westin, 4th-9th

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All spots taken, thank you

Original post;




My many-years con buddy isn't coming to AC this year due to moving. So my room is currently just me, and I've got a bed to spare. I'll be arriving the morning/midday of the 4th and leaving the morning of the 9th. I don't intend to share my bed, so the other bed can be just 1 person, a couple, or a pair of friends. Either way, charging 240 per person (1/4 of the cost). Money preferred before con, but I'll take cash or paypal up to the day of your arrival, or no key.

I'm a fursuiter and a fursuit maker, so obviously fursuits welcome -I'll have supplies to do minor repairs. Please shower regardless. I'm not a particularly loud person, and I only ever have a total of 1 drink/day during the con. I'd prefer light drinkers or non-drinkers, though I have a strict no-smoking policy due to my lungs being li'l bitches. I don't care too much for politics or drama and prefer laid-back people. I'm female if that matters, I don't care what gender my prospective roomies are. You're free to pal around with me during con if you want, or just do your own thing. It's all good.

I'm perfectly comfortable paying and keeping the room by myself, so I'm not terribly pressed or desperate for roomates. I'd prefer to get to know any potential roomies before con, rather than accept someone I've never chatted with and I'd think most people are the same. My telegram is Folfelit or I guess you can pm me here, whatever works.

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