Westin King room free for two slots, possibly three. [Taken!]

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--Old post began; Originally was gonna give up my room, decided otherwise... --


I have made a decision that I need to take care of my bills a bit better, and try to make it next year.


With that said, this reservation is for July 4th through the 9th. The deposit total was $220 @ $193/night plus %14 tax. The total due at checkin will be $965, if you are wondering what you'd have to pay at the desk.


PM me if intrested, or contact me via Telegram at @Hazarath (https://t.me/Hazarath)


Thanks for your consideration.


--Old post end--


EDIT; With all this said... I have paid for the flight, arranged time off, and all that jazz... If I can get a couple to help with the room, maybe three, then, sure, I suppose I can go, and keep the room under my name.


I am hoping for a 'clothing optional , casual, hangout kinda environment. Everyone is laid back, no partying that is too much... (I. E, blackout drunk). Roomies that can respect when one's needs... Privacy with a friend, etc.


If you want more details, and rules that I prepose, my main method of communication is listed, or Discord as Hazarath7230.


Oh, and I prefer payment before the con, I believe a slot runs for about $220, however  I did pay for a day more, so, prolly will be $300 a slot, maybe less. Honestly didn't think about it this far; I was gonna cover the room in it's entirely on my own, hence the original post.



****Edit*** All slots filled, thanks for the inquiries!

Thanks for reading! 

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