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Lexa Wolf's picture
Joined: 2016-07-09 07:57:26 pm
Posts: 134

Anthrocon 2018 will be my second con. Last Ac I just hung out with my roomates, but next year I would like to meet more people. Is anyone up to going to lunch or getting a drink (not drunk) at a bar? I really want to emphasis, not getting drunk. One drink, maybe two. I don't like hanging around a bunch of drunk people, nor do I want to get drunk.


A bit about myself

I'm 20 years old, turning 21 in December. I was born in Japan (Military family, dad was deployed to Japan). I moved to California, then to Missouri, back to California, back to Missouir. Then, two years ago (age 18) I ended up getting a job up in Alaska. I never met the lady I was going to go work for, I had only talked to her online a few times. After convicing my parents, I bought a plane ticket and flew up here.


In Alaska, I work with sled dogs. I care for them, train them and even get to run the sled. I've done a few races, but not many. On my free time, I like to role play, write, read and watch TV.


If you're intrested in meeting up, please let me know,

Lexa the wolf.

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