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Joined: 2017-07-08 01:21:41 pm
Posts: 2

Hey there Anthrocon staff and users of the forums,


I am Hazard and i am completely new to these forums as i normally hang out on Telegram. I noticed there was not a forum for people who want to introduce themselves and i did not know where to post it although i know a staff member can move the thread over to the correct place on the forums. There is one thing that is a little odd in my opinion and i only just joined the forums to ask a question. I have actually Never attended a single Anthrocon in my live and it's gonna be quite a while before i do with the way the pound is going.


Anyways it's good to be a part of a brand new forums site where i can hopefully meet many new people and hopefully attend an Anthrocon convention soon. My questions i was actually meant to ask in this too was: "Who thought of the design for the Anthrocon 2017 T-shirts this year?" Because my friend decided to purchase me a T-shirt from the con before he travelled back to the United Kingdom and i want to just credit the artist on the design since it's an awesome design.


Cheers for taking your time to read my random blabbering and don't be afriad to introduce yourselves below it's great to meet new peeps ^w^


Yours Sincerely

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  • Species: Dutch Angel Dragon
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