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Joined: 2017-07-04 04:34:19 am
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I do want to be upfront, I am not personally a furry (not that it matters) but I wanted to tell each and every one of you -- wow. Thank you.  

I have been to many cons and when Anthrocon came up on my radar this year I decided to take my son down and see what it was all about. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how much either of us would enjoy it with neither of us being furries or knowing much about the fandom, but he's young and I want him to experience life as much as he can so he knows who he is. My buddy decided to take his kid and we packed up and headed down.  

The whole experience just knocked my socks off. All I can say is thank you, all of you.  

As I said before, we have been to a ton of conventions before but there were a few points I wanted to highlight unique to Anthrocon. The first thing I noticed was the family orientation of the event: There was never a point I sat and thought "oh man, maybe I shouldn't have brought a kid to this." He always felt welcome and included during the entire weekend. Sure, there were adult panels and what not but they were all clearly marked and the people in the general areas were always respectful when they saw us. I really do appreciate the family atmosphere.  

As I met people over the weekend I was absolutely floored with the members of the furry fandom. I talked to quite a few people and not only were they all welcoming to someone who knows very little about their interests, but every single one of them treated me like they'd known me forever, like we were best friends. The comradery amongst the attendees (atleast what I experienced) blew me away. I have never seen that before at really any event. Ya'll are awesome beyond words. 

Also, the time, effort and care that was put in by the staff. It's amazing. You can tell each person running the show truly cared about the fandom and all the attendees there. On top of that, they're all super down to earth. I had an experience at a Comic Con a few years ago where my son and I had seen a low level staff member of the convention on a bus ride back to the hotel and when my son tried complementing him on his cosplay he stopped him and said "I'm sorry, aren't you just an attendee?" This kind of attitude has oddly seemed prevalent in most places I've been to... then I came here. The kids went back to the hotel with the wives and my buddy and I went out to have a few drinks. I was seated next to a guy who had a drink that looked super tasty and I asked him about it. We started talking, turned out he was a director at Anthrocon (I think something to do with the Art Den, I'm sorry I don't remember if you're reading this, Shadow!) He was super friendly, cracked a few jokes, gave us some tips on how to enjoy the con and a few drink recommendations. I never had that before. We even saw Uncle Kage and while my son had cold feet and was afraid for a picture, he was mingling with the crowed and all smiles. I feel like if we had talked to him, he would have took time out to respond... unless he was on a mission.  

All in all it was an amazing time. From the day time with my son, to the night life when it was just the adults. I loved it all and we are defiantly going to be coming back next year.  


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Joined: 2010-05-22 11:54:33 pm
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It's so great that you and your son had a wonderful time!

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Joined: 2009-05-30 12:06:10 pm
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This post really gave me the Warm & Fuzzies. I've been to every Anthrocon since 2004, and something keeps me coming back year after year. It's the only con I regularly attend, so I really have no basis for comparison, but speaking just for myself, I feel absurdly at home whenever I attend AC, finding it a place where I can just drop most of my inhibitions and relax and be myself like in few other situations. There's an entire atmosphere around this con, and I think that's what you picked up on - that unique AC vibe.

Will I be there again in 2018? Can't imagine why not. Same for 2019 ... and 2020 ... and 2021 ... and ...



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