2017 AstronoFur's Star Parties

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Hello friends and fellow fuzzies!

I wanted to chime in and express my thanks to the convention for allowing me time to share views of the sun and the night sky with you this year.  I'd also like to thank the many attendees who came by each night to take a look through the eyepiece at the Moon, Jupiter and it's moon's, Saturn and the double star of Mizar 1 & 2 in Ursa Major.  Last but not least I want to express my thanks to Jorric for bringing his 10" Dobsonian telescope to the Star Parties this year.  It was great to give attendees the opportunity to look at and use two different style telescopes.

We had partly cloudy skies both evenings, but they were scattered enough that with patience we could share views of a few bright celestial objects from 9pm to Midnight.

For those who may be interested, I'm going to post the links to the resources I had on my handouts.

AstronoFurs Google Group                https://groups.google.com/d/forum/astronofurs

Heavens Above:                                 http://www.heavens-above.com 

Sky Almanac:                                     http://stardate.org/nightsky/almanac/

Sky & Telescope:                               http://www.skytonight.com

International Dark-Sky Assoc.:           http://www.darksky.org

Astronomy Clubs & Organizations:    http://skyandtelescope.com/resources/organizations/

Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews:    http://www.cloudynights.com

Also...With the upcoming Solar Eclipse set to grace the United States in August, here's a good article to help get you ready to view this celestial event safely.

Space dot Com; Skywatching: https://www.space.com/35555-total-solar-eclipse-safety-tips.html

Thanks again and I hope to see you next year at Anthrocon!

Swift Fox

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Swift Fox

Table-top Gaming Track Head - 2017

tabletop.gaming AT anthrocon.org


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I had intended to attend one of the meets / starparties unfortunately the time I had open for it I had a bout with something that did not agree with my stomach and was rather incapacitated. I had to regretfully admitt defeat at that point and remain in my hotel room. If you will be doing this again next year I will certainly be looking for it on the schedule. It was a wonderful idea, just wish I could have attended. 


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"Human by birth, Furry by nature"


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I came out with my friend right before it started to look like it was going to thunderstorm. it was awesome.

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