The Anthrocon 2016 Charity Poker Tournament! -- Post-Event Wrap-Up

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The 4th annual Anthrocon 2016 Charity Poker Tournament was held on Friday, 1 July, 2016.  This year there were a total of 61 entrants and 39 rebuys for a total amount of $1610!  This donation was presented to this year's Anthrocon charity, the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium!  And now to present the final table and prizes awarded:

1st Place:  Grisli - Winner of the championship trophy, their name engraved on the Silver Water Dish, a Sponsor Membership to Anthrocon 2017, and a one character full color commission by Princess Rei
2nd Place:  Flame - Winner of the second place trophy, an Attendee Membership to Anthrocon 2017, and a one character full color commission by Moon Mochi
3rd Place:  Phoenician - Winner of the third place trophy, and a set of 9 Telegram stickers by Kittrel
4th Place:  Vendra - Winner of the fourth place medal, and a commission for a full color badge by Clementine
5th Place:  Shukuun - Winner of the fifth place medal, and a commission for a deluxe badge by Techno
6th Place:  ArcturusChusky - Winner of the sixth place medal, and a set of 5 Telegram stickers by Reaux
7th Place:  Giraldo - Winner of the seventh place medal, and an Anthrocon 2016 tee shirt
8th Place:  Wolfric - Winner of the eighth place medal, and an Anthrocon 2016 tee shirt
9th Place:  Shirotora - Winner of the ninth place medal

I want to thank all our participants this year, and to congratulate those who made it to the final table.  Thanks also goes out to Uncle Kage and Anthrocon who let us hold the ACPT every year.  I'd also like to thank the artists listed above for donating their hard work and time for our prizes.  We hope that everyone had a fun time this year and both Syaoran and myself would like to thank everyone again and hope to see everyone again next year!  Thank you all!

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