Artists' Alley Lottery Results: 2016 Edition

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Anthrocon 2016 Artists' Alley Lottery Results

Lottery results are now available! Artists, please let us know if you find any discrepancies (i.e days you did NOT sign up for that you received, etc.)

2016 Artists' Alley Lottery Results
  • Artists, please be sure to familiarize yourself with the Rules, Terms, and Conditions before the convention

  • If you'd like to know more about the lottery process, we encourage you to check out this link.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Artists' Alley Staff via email.

Seat Number Friday Saturday Sunday
001 7x77 Ailurucanis Studios AquaCoon
002 Addy / Addark Boper9/Cockzilla ChowChow
003 Alice Alexia Chum Basket Custom Metal Collars
004 AquaCoon Corgipaws Keeva / RawrArts
005 Artkour, Designosaur Gorehund LocoSaltInc
006 Asch King Guro Lynnora Stormclaw
007 Atra Cygnus Klaora Nameless Imp
008 Bardic Kitty Kolbe Rychopath/I am Ry
009 BGN Lesser Key Studios ScrapTeeth
010 BlindCoyote Negger Sleepersharks
011 Blizzie Art obliviousally Slush Pupply / Lissa
012 boobun PixelSunshine Tikikata
013 B-rex/Bradley/thezoologist2008 Ponnchi/TwilightWolf Toli/FuzzyDesign
014 Buttsteak Your Uncle
015 carbontrap RUDE/Darkheartsclub 7x77
016 Cat named Fish Ryan SilverFox Addy / Addark
017 Cat-Monk Shiro RyuuYouki Alice Alexia
018 ChowChow sinisterrrr Artkour, Designosaur
019 CockatriceKING Slipstreme Asch
020 Corgilope Starry Kitsune Atra Cygnus
021 Cosmic Cupcakes of Entropy Addy / Addark Bardic Kitty
022 Crazdude Alice Alexia BGN
023 Crion's Customs Artkour, Designosaur BlindCoyote
024 Custom Metal Collars Atra Cygnus Blizzie Art
025 Daddyfox Bardic Kitty Boper9/Cockzilla
026 DapperCap BGN B-rex/Bradley/thezoologist2008
027 Dark Timber BlindCoyote Brushwolf Studio
028 Dave boobun carbontrap
029 Relinquished Reality B-rex/Bradley/thezoologist2008 Cat named Fish
030 Deriaz Brushwolf Studio Cat-Monk Shiro
031 DragonessDrei Buttsteak Chum Basket
032 carbontrap CockatriceKING
033 Drgn8D Cat named Fish Corgilope
034 Edgar Kingmaker CockatriceKING Corgipaws
035 Eevachu Corgilope Cosmic Cupcakes of Entropy
036 Feline Element Cosmic Cupcakes of Entropy Crazdude
037 FeretStudios Crazdude Crion's Customs
038 Fluff-Kevlar Crion's Customs Daddyfox
039 Daddyfox DapperCap
040 FurBakery / SuicidalMuffins / Fawnix DapperCap Dark Timber
041 Furpes Dark Timber Deriaz
042 Glowsheep Dave DragonessDrei
043 GrungeCandy Relinquished Reality
044 Impact Deriaz Drgn8D
045 Infierna DragonessDrei Edgar Kingmaker
046 Irime Zane Eevachu
047 Drgn8D Feline Element
048 Journeyful Edgar Kingmaker FeretStudios
049 JustinTheCheetah Eevachu
050 Keeva / RawrArts Feline Element FurBakery / SuicidalMuffins / Fawnix
051 Kelvin the Lion FeretStudios Furpes
052 Kgosi Fluff-Kevlar Glowsheep
053 Kimba Snowpaw Gorehund
054 KINTO illustrations FurBakery / SuicidalMuffins / Fawnix GrungeCandy
055 KitKatNestler/MissyKitKat Furpes Impact
056 Kittyrina Glowsheep Infierna
057 Koh :v GrungeCandy
058 Krowsy Impact Journeyful
059 Kurra Dragon Infierna Kelvin the Lion
060 Kyota Wuskers / DJKyota Irime Zane Kgosi
061 LadyDistort Kimba Snowpaw
062 Lauvtrekin Journeyful King Guro
063 LilShark JustinTheCheetah KitKatNestler/MissyKitKat
064 LocoSaltInc Kelvin the Lion Kittyrina
065 Lonewolf Kgosi Klaora
066 Lord Fenrir Kimba Snowpaw Koh :v
067 Lunarey/Luna KINTO illustrations Kolbe
068 LYCHGATE KitKatNestler/MissyKitKat Krowsy
069 Lyenuv Kittyrina Kurra Dragon
070 Lynnora Stormclaw Koh :v LadyDistort
071 Malachyte Krowsy Lauvtrekin
072 Mallory Hodgkin / stablercake Kurra Dragon Lesser Key Studios
073 Matuska Lauvtrekin LilShark
074 MidnightDraven LilShark Lonewolf
075 Nameless Imp Lonewolf Lunarey/Luna
076 Nate Pyrokai Lord Fenrir LYCHGATE
077 NeonSlushie Lunarey/Luna Lyenuv
078 Nettle LYCHGATE Malachyte
079 NF7 Studios / Drevin Lyenuv Mallory Hodgkin / stablercake
080 ObeyTheSnarf Malachyte Matuska
081 Olympia Mallory Hodgkin / stablercake MidnightDraven
082 P.J. Stormtail Marie the Foxy Nate Pyrokai
083 Paco Panda Matuska NeonSlushie
084 Pidgeon/Pidgeonpeep MidnightDraven Nettle
085 Princess Rei Nate Pyrokai NF7 Studios / Drevin
086 Pronk Nettle ObeyTheSnarf
087 PureRubyDragon ObeyTheSnarf Olympia
088 Vallhund Olympia P.J. Stormtail
089 RailRide P.J. Stormtail Paco Panda
090 Ransom Pidgeon/Pidgeonpeep Pidgeon/Pidgeonpeep
091 Reanna Weekley/Atreya Princess Rei PixelSunshine
092 Rooibos Pronk Ponnchi/TwilightWolf
093 Roum PureRubyDragon Princess Rei
094 Rychopath/I am Ry Vallhund PureRubyDragon
095 ryuu1ch1 RailRide RailRide
096 Ransom Ransom
097 Reanna Weekley/Atreya Reanna Weekley/Atreya
098 Sajik Rooibos
099 Samoht-Lion Roum Rooibos
100 ScrapTeeth ryuu1ch1 Roum
101 Scrawlingchaos RUDE/Darkheartsclub
102 Sierra Ashura/SierraAshura ryuu1ch1
103 SINgrinz Sajik Sajik
104 SkeleVee Art Samoht-Lion Samoht-Lion
105 Sleepersharks Scrawlingchaos Scrawlingchaos
106 Slickpuppy / Kevin J. Mulder Sierra Ashura/SierraAshura Sierra Ashura/SierraAshura
107 Slush Pupply / Lissa SINgrinz SINgrinz
108 Sofia Reyes/Kittyconcarnage SkeleVee Art sinisterrrr
109 Sprech4 Sofia Reyes/Kittyconcarnage SkeleVee Art
110 Spyn Sprech4 Slipstreme
111 Starwarriors / Sukotto Spyn Sofia Reyes/Kittyconcarnage
112 SuryaAsura Starwarriors / Sukotto Sprech4
113 Talarus SuryaAsura Starwarriors / Sukotto
114 TayyKitsune Talarus SuryaAsura
115 TayyKitsune Talarus
116 Thorgi
117 Tikikata Thorgi Thorgi
118 TimeChaser Tyrnn Eaveranth TimeChaser
119 Toli/FuzzyDesign Unknownwolf Tyrnn Eaveranth
120 Tyrnn Eaveranth Wendelin Unknownwolf
121 Unknownwolf Whitetail Moon Wendelin
122 Whitetail Moon WhoCrysForTheStars Whitetail Moon
123 WoLf2Tails / WoLf.n.SylverLeaf WoLf2Tails / WoLf.n.SylverLeaf WoLf2Tails / WoLf.n.SylverLeaf
124 Yarilo X-I/Xarimuss X-I/Xarimuss
125 Your Uncle Yarilo Yarilo
126 Zerohenry Zerohenry Zerohenry
127 Zraya Zraya Zraya
128 Zyleeth Zyleeth Zyleeth

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