Shipping to the DLCC

(Shipping to the DLCC is for dealers only. All others should ship to the Westin) With the current trend among airlines for charging higher and higher fees for baggage, you may find it advantageous to ship items to the Westin or, if you are a dealer, directly to the Convention Center. Be advised, however, that there are charges at both locations to receive and handle any boxes, and that there are very specific (and very different) rules to follow for each location. Anthrocon has helped to arrange these services and done its best to negotiate reasonable rates and rules, but that is as far as we go. We take no responsibility for misdirected shipments, neither does any location offer any guarantees. It is strongly, strongly recommended that you choose a carrier that offers tracking services such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, and the like. Remember, there is a charge to receive ALL boxes. In the past there were some misunderstandings on our part that resulted in some very unexpected fees that Anthrocon paid itself, but now that the rules are clear we are passing them along to you.

  1. The charges for shipments to the Dealers' Room at the DLCC are as follows:

    • Loose (cardboard) boxes, up to 35 pounds each (Option C): $25 per box until June 24, 2017; $35 thereafter.

    • Pallets (banded or shrink-wrapped) (Option A or B): $65 for each 100 pounds (200 pound minimum) until June 24, 2017; $80 thereafter

    • Shipping in Crates? Warning! May incur carpenter labor charges to open a crate.

    These charges cover receipt, storage, and delivery of packages to your dealer table on Thursday, June 29. The advantage is that you will not have to drag them over to the loading dock yourself on Thursday morning! And, with our new agreement with APA Exposition Services, you can start sending things as soon as June 1, 2017.

  2. Download and complete the 2017 Freight Manual (available by clicking here). Select Option A, B, or C on Page 2.

  3. If your shipment is going to arrive before June 39, please use the "Ship to warehouse" option. The DLCC is not receiving shipments for us this year. IF the shipment is going to arrive on or after June 29, please use the "Ship to Show Site" option.

  4. IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE SHIPPING SOMETHING HOME, fill in the "Outbound Shipping Form" on page 3 and send it in. If you opt not to ship anything home, then there's no charge or penalty. If you want to ship something home and have submitted this form prior to the convention, then APA will come by and collect your packages and ship them for you. If you have not submitted this form prior to the convention, then APA WILL NOT SHIP your packages for you.

  5. Fill in the payment information on Page 4, and use the handy shipping labels (you can make copies if you wish) on page 5 (if shipment will arrive before June 29) or on page 6 (if shipment will arrive on or after June 29).

  6. Mail, email, or Fax the form to APA Exposition Services at any of the addresses listed on the cover of the manual. Payment is due in advance, and credit cards are accepted.

Reminder: Anthrocon is not responsible for any shipping issues, and any risks involved up to and including loss or mis-delivery of shipments are assumed by the shipper. These services have been arranged in an effort to alleviate some of the physical burden from those attendees who need to transport excess baggage to the convention and are neither operated nor guaranteed by Anthrocon, Inc.

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