2017 Guests of Honor

Anthrocon's batting lineup for 2017!

Appearance courtesy of Galactic Productions!
A native of New York and Massachusetts, California based award-winning voice actor and voice director Charlie Adler boasts an amazing career spanning over four decades! Named one of the "Top 13 All Time Voice-Over Artists" by Animation Magazine and "Voice of the Decade" by Animation World News, he has given voices to hundreds of different characters. He is known as the voice of Buster Bunny from Steven Spielberg's Tiny Toon Adventure, Mr. and Mrs. Bighead from Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life, Chance "T-Bone" Furlong from Hanna-Barbera's SWAT Kats and many more prolific animated characters from the 80s and 90s. Charlie also shares his skills through teaching acting for animation. Anthrocon is thrilled to welcome such a talented star player to our Guest of Honor team!

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