• How much money should I bring to the convention?
  • This question has been covered extensively in our discussion board. You can see some of the answers that have been offered in Sunaku's excellent convention preparations guide, as well as in topics here, here, and here. The major costs to plan for a convention can be summed up by the FRESH-T acronym: Food (and beverage), Registration, Emergency, Stuff, Hotel, Travel.

  • What forms of payment are accepted at Anthrocon?
  • We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash (U.S. currency only), money orders, personal checks with appropriate I.D., and travelers' checks.

  • How does Anthrocon handle bounced checks?
  • We must charge a $30 fee for each returned check (reflecting in part what our bank charges us). Every person who bounces a check will be given ample opportunity to settle the debt, along with the bounced-check fee. Membership to Anthrocon will be suspended until such a time as all monetary debts are settled.

  • What is Anthrocon's pet policy?
  • After discussing among ourselves and with our insurance carrier, we must ask with regret that Fido stay home. We know that he'd be well-behaved, but we worry that he might be hurt by the dog/fox/snake/buffalo that someone else might decide to bring.  Neither do we want to see a dog get freaked out at the sight of a fursuit and bite someone, or decide he wants to have a conversation with another dog about who should be the alpha. Therefore, no pets are permitted in Anthrocon convention space. Trained service dogs are of course permitted under the Americans With Disabilities Act; please note, however, that emotional support animals are not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  We simply cannot allow them into convention space. Again, this is for the safety and well-being of everyone at the convention, as well as that of the animals themselves.

  • Can I use Anthrocon's logo on something?
  • This is tricky, since both the Anthrocon name and our logo are registered servicemarks, and we must (by law) be extremely careful about where and how it is used.  If you want to use the name or the logo on any item that is not going to be sold, we must still approve the final design and have an agreement in place for its use.  If you want to use it on any item that is going to be sold, we must have a formal licensing agreement as well.  Please contact us for more information,but be advised that we do not often grant permission for the logo to be used other than on official merchandise or communications. 

  • Where is a good place to meet up with my friends?
  • Since Anthrocon covers so much acreage, it can be a challenge to pre-arrange a meeting spot with your friends for dinner or whatnot. We do not recommend people meet in the hotel lobby. It's not that big and it needs to be kept clear for traffic flow. Here are some places that you might consider for a meeting place.

    The Zoo
    Fourth Floor of the DLCC, on the East side of the building (the right side, as you face the river). Lots of room, but also lots of people!

    The DLCC Rooftop
    It is open into the evening and boasts a breathtaking view of both the city and the river.

    The South Terrace
    Outdoor turfed patio, 3rd floor of the DLCC near the Spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom.

    Noresco Riverside Terrace
    Outdoor terrace overlooking the river, 3rd floor of the DLCC.

    North Terrace
    4th floor of the DLCC (with the amazing blue scrolling novel!)


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