Debit Card Questions

  • Can I use a debit card to pay for my hotel room?
  • We do NOT recommend using a debit card to pay for your hotel room. At the time you check in, a "hold" will be placed on the card for the full amount of your stay, plus a little extra for incidentals. This is standard practice and is designed to protect the hotel from chargebacks and other discomforts. While this poses no problems if you have a credit card, using a debit card will cause the entire amount of the "hold" to be unavailable to you for the entire course of the convention, and depending on your bank, for several days after the convention is over. If you really want to use a debit card to pay for your room, we recommend that you check in with a regular credit card, and then pay for the room with your debit card when checking out.   If you have only a debit card, make absolutely sure that you have at least $200 per each day of your stay available in your account (AVAILABLE, not just 'deposited'), as well as enough money to tide you over for the duration of the convention.

  • How much is the hold for incidentals on a debit card?
  • It varies by hotel (and possibly by individual guest), so it is difficult to say. We've heard reports of anywhere between the total expected bill plus $50 to the total expected bill plus an amount of up to 40%. If you do intend to use a debit card, please make sure you have sufficient money on your card to cover such a hold.

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