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  • I am with a group of several other dealers and we always like to sit together in a group. Won't this system make that impossible to arrange since all of our applications will arrive at different times?
  • We realize that a lot of our dealers like to be together. You have the greatest chance of sitting together if your online applications arrive at close to the same time (they are processed in the order that they are received). Remember, though, that all of the dealers in your group must request the same table-type. We cannot move the location of our powered or wall tables; the expense of running cables to random tables in the past was simply too great for us. Also, the greater the number of people in your group, the more difficult it will be for us to be able to grant the request to be together. We will do our best to keep your friends as close to you as we can, but please understand that due to the sheer size of our Dealers Room, not all such requests can be honored.

  • I paid for a standard or wall table without power, but now I realize that I'm going to need electrical power. How do I get it?
  • If you request a table that is not listed as "Powered" or "Powered wall" and you later decide that you will need access to power, you must either (a) move to a powered table, subject to availability and at a cost of $60, or (b) assume the cost of having a separate circuit installed at your table. That cost will be $125 if the request is received prior to June 1, or $150 if received after. Email to dealers(at) to inquire.

  • If the room is sold out, can I just share a table with someone else?
  • Under limited circumstances. You must inform Anthrocon's Dealers Room Director in advance and recieve approval; must provide a Pennsylvania sales tax license for the additional dealer; and there must be room enough behind the table to accomodate everyone.

  • Can I sell things out of my room? Out of the Zoo?
  • No. Merchandise can only be sold in designated, approved areas by designated, approved vendors. Both hotel policy and local tax regulations prevent sales from hotel guest rooms or in common areas of the hotels or convention center.

  • I notice that you have some dealers who have multiple tables, while other dealers were unable to get one. Isn't that unfair?
  • Dealers pay a considerable fee for additional tables. We feel that if a dealer has enough merchandise to make a larger table space economically feasible, then the additional space is warranted. Tables are assigned in the order that the requests are received.

  • Will you have a wireless internet server in the dealer room?
  •  ShowNets offers paid wireless internet for those dealers for whom a solid internet connection is business-critical. As of 2016, the cost for use is $29 a day.

  • I want to ship some of my wares to the hotel. Do they charge to receive boxes?
  • There is a charge, which is detailed in the "Helpful information for dealers" page. Instructions are provided on our Dealers' Room Page. There is a form required for shipping to the Convention Center, which is available by following the link on our Dealers' Room Page.

  • I read that union Teamsters must carry our things in and out of the Dealers' Room. Is that true?
  • Only partly. Union regulations require that anything that cannot be brought in to the building by hand or in a standard piece of two-wheeled luggage, must be carried in by Teamsters. Anthrocon handles the bill for this labor, provided the Dealer drops off his or her wares in the appropriate time and locales. Items may be dropped off at the loading dock, or inside the entrances to Hall B, and Dealer wares will be carried in for them and delivered to their table(s).

  • Can a dealer upgrade to a Sponsor or a Supersponsor membersip?
  • Of course! A dealer (or dealer assistant) can upgrade to a Sponsor for $50, or to a Supersponsor for $195. Contact registration if you wish to upgrade.

  • I represent a nonprofit organization. Can we get a free table?
  • We have in the past made allowances for nonprofit organizations, but the sheer number who have been asking us for gratis tables has become overwhelming. We can no longer offer free tables to nonprofit organizations, as much as we would like to.

  • I am a dealer. Can I leave my table during the day?
  • This answer is courtesy of The Foxish:

    Oh defintely--you are more than entitled to leave your table at any time you see fit, for whatever reasons. We actually encourage dealers to spend some time wandering about, seeing panels, participating in events, and basically sampling the convention itself. The room is monitored by security during all operating hours; we suggest that if you're completely gone for any long period of time you at the very least cover your table with a sheet (which, please note, we cannot provide!) and note that you are gone for a spell. If so inclined, you can also have someone monitor your table for you while you're gone; so long as they've been approved by you, we don't mind someone sitting about and minding the store, as it were. You can even continue selling your goods while not in, though taxes are still your personal responsibility. We could certainly not tell our dealers to sit on their bums for three straight days, as we're putting on the convention for you blokes as well, and we want you to get out there and enjoy!

  • Can I make something with Anthrocon's name or logo on it?
  • "Anthrocon" and the Anthrocon logo are registered servicemarks of Anthrocon, Inc. Trademark law requires that we prohibit either of these from being used without being formally licensed by Anthrocon, Inc. Such a license agreement requires Anthrocon to request a licensing fee, and also that we pre-approve the use of our servicemarks before items bearing them are produced. Our concern is that to allow the use of our mark on a dealer's items will imply endorsement, which would inevitably lead to drama, and we would really rather avoid that.

Additional information about the Dealers' Room can be found on our Dealers' Room page.

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