Anthrocon 2018 Dealers Room Information Packet


Anthrocon 2018 Dealers Room Information Packet (v 1.6.1)

Anthrocon is July 5th-July 8, 2018 and will be held in Hall B of The David L. Lawrence Convention Center, 1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Any person who accepts a Dealership at Anthrocon is understood to have read the rules in the Dealers Room Information Packet (DRIP), as well as the complete and most recent Anthrocon Standards of Conduct, and has agreed to abide by them. Anthrocon, Inc. also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice and reserves the sole right of interpretation.

  1. The Short Version.

  2. Hours.

  3. Obtaining a Dealership.

    1. Step I: Tax licenses

      1. Getting (or reactivating) Pennsylvania Tax Licenses.

      2. Special note about City of Pittsburgh Local Taxes

      3. One Dealer, One Sales Tax License

    2. Step II: Application

      1. Types of Memberships

        1. Dealers

        2. Dealer Assistants

      2. Types of Tables

    3. Step III: Approval

    4. Step IV: Payment

    5. Step V: Placement!

    6. Waiting Lists and Cancellations

  4. Before the Dealer's Room Opens

    1. Registration and Membership Badges

    2. Load-In and Union Labor Issues

  5. The Dealer's Room is Open!

    1. Guidelines on merchandise

    2. Guidelines on display

    3. Guidelines on sales

    4. Guidelines on actions

  6. After the Dealer's Room Closes:

    1. Cleanup, Check-out, and Load-out

  7. Administrative Details


  1. The Short Version:

There are to be no sales in the Dealers Room except by appropriate and authorized Dealerships in appropriate and authorized areas.

Dealers have to register with PA for a tax license; it's free. One tax license per Dealership. You must have a tax license before applying for a Dealership.

Dealers have to purchase a Dealer Membership and a Table for their Dealership. Dealer Assistant Memberships may be bought alongside, or be purchased separately and email sent to us.

Tables are filled by a Queue system. Application, then Approval, then Payment, then Placement.

Tables can be regular or endcap. All tables have electrical power. Sizes are Half, Single, Single+Half, Double, Triple, Quad, and Island. We'll try to put you where you'd like and with people you like.

If we're sold out, you can get on a waiting list. There are also sometimes at-con sales of last-minute cancelled tables.

If you have to cancel your table, do so by March 15th or there's no refund. If you have to cancel your membership, do so by June 18th or there's no refund.

Dealers have setup time Thursday and early Friday to load things in. Pick up your badge first from Dealer Registration; Assistants need to pick up their own badges. If you have a lot of items, the Union must carry them in from the loading dock or the hallway to your table, and will do so for free.

You cannot sell things that are against applicable rules or laws. Adult material must be covered up from minors. Your display can't annoy others.

Moveout time is Sunday afternoon, and you have to clean up your area and check out with staff. If the Union moved stuff in, it usually has to move it out.

Dealers Room Staff have say on all matters. The Dealers Room Director's decisions are final.

You are expected to have read and abide by the complete rules in this Packet, as well as the Standards of Conduct. If you have questions after reading the Dealers Room Information Packet and the FAQ, email us at or tweet at us at @AnthroconDealer.




Thursday July 5th, 2018

12 PM - 10 PM

Dealer Registration in Concourse B

12PM - 3 PM

Dealers/DAs only, hand-carry only

3 PM - 9 PM

Dealers/DAs only, loading dock open for package drop-off.

9 PM – 9:30 PM

Dealers/DAs only, hand-carry only

9:30 PM onward

Off limits to all, including Dealers*

Friday July 6th, 2018

8 AM – 11:45 AM

Dealers/DAs only, loading dock open for package drop-off.

8 AM – 11:45 AM

Dealer Registration in Concourse B

11:45 AM - 12 Noon

Dealers/DAs, Sponsor, and Supersponsor Admission

12 Noon - 6 PM

Admission for all Anthrocon Members

12 Noon – 6 PM

Dealer Registration in Hall B

6 PM - 7 PM

Dealers/DAs only to close tables

7 PM onward

Off limits to all, including Dealers*

Saturday July 7, 2018

9 AM – 9:50 AM

Dealers/DAs only to open tables

9:50AM-10 AM

Dealers/DAs, Sponsor, and Supersponsor Admission

10 AM - 6 PM

Open to all Anthrocon Members

6 PM - 7 PM

Dealers/DAs only to close tables

7 PM onward

Off limits to all, including Dealers*

Sunday July 8, 2018

9AM – 9:50 AM

Dealers/DAs only to open tables


Dealers/DAs, Sponsor, and Supersponsor Admission

10 AM - 4 PM

Open to all Anthrocon Members

4 PM - 7 PM

Dealers/DAs only for teardown.

4 PM - 7 PM

Loading dock open for move-out.

* Subject to Dealers' Room Director's (or designated authority) discretion. The room will be completely secured during this time.

Obtaining a Dealership


Step I: Obtaining a PA Tax license



All dealers are required to collect and report a state tax of 6% and a city tax of 1% on all sales (excluding T-shirts and other "primary" clothing, which are not taxable). That means a total sales tax of 7%. If there is a question as to whether an item is going to be taxable, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue or visit their web site at

Your payment for a dealer table (or a set of tables that constitute one dealership) at Anthrocon includes includes all applicable taxes and fees unless you have paid employees on site. Memberships, including Dealer Memberships, are not taxed. No discounts are given for any dealership for whom a particular tax or fee does not apply; for example, if a dealer desires only one chair instead of two, the payment will not be discounted for the cost of the single chair.


Getting (or reactivating) Pennsylvania Tax Licenses

Pennsylvania's tax system is a bit cumbersome for itinerant dealers. Each dealer must keep his or her license active by filing twice a year, and the authorities are known to randomly change that to quarterly for reasons unknown. For the first half of the year, you need only file a return that says "0" in all the fields. For the second half of the year (when Anthrocon is held), you would file normally, and the Department of Revenue has a handy web page that lets you do that. That is sufficient to keep your tax license active.

If you fail to file, you will need to reactivate your account before you can make sales in Pennsylvania. You can do this by filling out a physical copy of the state's PA-100 form, which you can download here. Fill out only sections 1-4 and section 18, with the information provided for the PA-100 below.

A sales tax license can be obtained by using the online version of the PA-100 form. You must use this form to apply for a new sales tax license if you never had one. You cannot use the online version to reactivate a prior license.

International attendees will need a sales tax license, and yes, you can still get one even if you have no US Social Security Number. Please contact us at for instructions.

If you already have an active license, you do not need to fill out the PA-100 form; just report to us your license number. If you previously had a Pennsylvania State sales tax license that has become inactive, or if you have never had a license in Pennsylvania, you will need to fill out the PA-100 form. Use the following information where it is requested. Remember, each section has its own help feature if you get stuck. Please do not contact Anthrocon for help with this form! If the help screen and the information provided below are not enough, contact the Department of Revenue directly with your question.

Section 1:

Select "New registration," and answer the questions.

Section 2:

If you don't already have a PA sales tax license, the date of first operations will be 07/06/2018.
If you don't know when your fiscal year ends, make it 12/31

Section 3:

Check the box that says TRANSIENT VENDOR CERTIFICATE if you are not a PA resident, or SALES, USE AND HOTEL TAX if you are a PA resident.
The box that comes up when you check "Transient Vendor Certificate" is just a reminder.

Section 5&6:

If you're by yourself, you're a sole proprietor and your ownership is 100%.
If you have a partner or are a corporation, note that in the appropriate space.
You are only responsible for SALES TAX unless you have employees who are joining you. If you are a company that will have paid employees on site, please contact us at dealers(at) for further instructions.

Section 7:

If you sell manufactured goods, they are either WHOLESALE or RETAIL.
Otherwise, most of our dealers will fall under ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT & RECREATION, and will follow that selection with PERFORMING ARTS, then INDEPENDENT ARTISTS, WRITERS, and PERFORMERS.

Section 8:

Select ALLEGHENY County in the list of boxes

Section 18:

Date of first sale is 7/06/2018, and the number of shows is 1 (Anthrocon). Don't forget to check the box on that line.
Show name is ANTHROCON 2018
SHOW ADDRESS: 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, Allegheny Country, PA 15222
START DATE: July 6th, 2018
END DATE: July 8, 2018

If you get stuck, call the PA Dept of Revenue at 412-565-7540.

Important: We are required as the Promoter to have all license numbers on file prior to the convention, and due to past abuses we can no longer hold onto tables while dealers seek tax license numbers. That means that you must have a valid tax license before you can submit an application for a dealer table. You must report your sales tax license number to us each year; we do not keep them on file from one year to the next.


One Dealer, One Dealership, One Sales Tax License


Anthrocon wishes to remind our dealers that we have a policy of strict adherence to state and local tax codes. It is illegal for multiple dealerships to share a single tax license. Thus, our general rules regarding the sharing of tables and tax licenses are as follows:

  • A continguous table space (including multiple tables purchased together by one individual) represents "one Dealership." It is staffed by one dealer and, optionally, one or more dealer assistants who are there to help the dealer in making sales. A single tax license is required for each Dealership.

  • Under no circumstances may two different dealerships at different tables share one tax license. If you wish to share a table with another dealer, you must purchase two table spaces, one for each of you. Do not purchase a table to share with someone else. It creates an enormous amount of work for us when we notice that two independent dealers are operating under a single license (which is better than having the State notice it before we do). Therefore, if we receive a registration in which there are clearly two separate dealers listed under the guise of "dealer assistant," we will have to ask the second person to send in a separate application.

  • A "Dealer Assistant" (DA) is a friend, spouse, relative, or other party who will be sitting at the table for the purpose of helping you to sell your merchandise, or who will lend a strong back to help you move things in and out. That person's primary interest is selling your stuff. If the primary interest of the second person at the table is to sell his or her merchandise, even though he or she may be helping you to sell yours, that person does not constitute a "Dealer Assistant."

  • We understand that some dealers wish to share a table with others and are worried that they will be unable to if they submit separate applications. Rest assured that Anthrocon will make every reasonable effort to keep friends together, but you need to help us to do that. Turn your applications in early, and mention your desire to sit next to one another. The longer period of time that passes between receipt of the applications, and the later they're applied, the harder it is to ensure that you can be together. Also, please make sure that both you and your friend are requesting the same table type. If you request a powered wall table and your friend requests a standard table, it will be difficult for use to seat you next to or near one another.

  • No table space may be shared with, exchanged, or resold to another dealer without the prior consent of Anthrocon's Dealers Room Director. This will require a completed dealer room application and pre-arrangement with the Dealers Room Director.

  • In order to legally enter into contracted table space, dealers must be 18 years of age as of the beginning date of the convention (July 5th, 2018 for Anthrocon 2018). Dealer Assistants must be 13 years of age, the minimum age to be a badgeholding Member of the convention.

  • Merchandise can only be sold in approved, authorized areas of Hall B and by approved, authorized Dealerships. Hotel policies and local tax regulations prevent sales from hotel guest rooms, common areas of the hotels or convention center, or on the street. These regulations apply 24/7/365, not merely during Dealer's Room or Anthrocon hours.



Step II: Application

Applications are planned to open on October 8th, 2017.

For 2018, Go to the following URL: [To Be Determined]. You will be asked for a code, this will be posted at . IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE CODE YOU CANNOT PURCHASE A DEALER TABLE. The code is case-sensitive.

Fill out your application fully and completely. You can also apply for Dealer Assistant (DA) Memberships directly there, purchase them later, or have your DAs purchase their own badges and email us to mark them as DAs.

The Dealers Room Staff will review your submission in the order they are received. Approvals will be done as promptly as possible; usually within two weeks from application. We may ask you more information before we can approve your Dealership. You'll be emailed about approval, denial, or waitlisting.

If you do not provide your PA Tax ID number with your application, we will not enter your application into the Queue until we have that info, and will be entered after those whom have provided a PA Tax ID.

Types of Memberships: Dealers and Dealer Assistants


The Dealer is the lead person for the Dealership. In almost all cases, they will be the person whom holds the PA Tax License; they will be directly responsible for the Dealership; and they will be the authority for questions from Dealers Room Staff, convention staff, or Convention Center staff. Every Dealership must have one Dealer, cannot have more than one Dealer, and every Dealer can belong to only one Dealership.

You can apply for a Dealer, Dealer+Sponsor, or Dealer+Supersponsor Membership. Higher levels of Sponsorship are always appreciated! You may also feel free to upgrade your Membership at any time before the close of Pre-registration, by returning to the link for Membership sent by email to you. Dealer Memberships of all types may be converted to the equivalent standard Membership if needed: see the 'Cancelling Your Dealership' for further information.

Dealer Assistants

A Dealer Assistant (DA) is an assistant to a Dealer, serving as part of their Dealership, with most of the same access and sales priveleges as a Dealer. DA status is particularly important during setup and breakdown, as only Dealers and DAs are permitted in the Dealer's Room during those hours. Dealerships may have multiple DAs, based on the size of their Table and their needs.

DA memberships may also be Sponsor or Supersponsor in level. DA Memberships may be purchased by their Dealer, or may be purchased separately, no Dealer Assistant Membershisp are included in Table costs. If DAs are purchased separately, Anthrocon MUST receive emailed communication from the Dealer by the close of Pre-registration (June 18th, 2018) that an individual is to be made a DA. Making someone a Dealer Assistant on-site is possible, but it will slow down everyone.  Please handle DAs in advance, it will save a great deal of waiting in line on site. PLEASE.


Table Size















4 8'x30” tables









Maximum DAs









Types and Sizes of Tables

  • Standard tables. Each table will come equipped with one 120V power outlet. Ideally it will be located beneath the table, but we recommend Dealers bring an extension cable or power strip of at least 8 feet for their most convenient placement. Dealers may plug in a single appliance or an extension unit serving multiple appliances, provided the total wattage does not exceed 500 W. . If more power is needed, please contact us ahead of the convention. Behind you will be either another dealee approximately 15 feet away, or an airwall with a linear space of 6-8 feet between table and wall.

  • Endcap tables.  These are identical to Standard tables, except these are located on the end of a row. The number of them is extremely limited, and they may only be purchased as Single or Triple tables. Endcap dealers must be considerate of table gaps for evacuation purposes.

  • Islands. These are sets of four 8-foot tables arranged in a square approximately 16 feet on a side, all the space of which may be used. Each comes with a two-outlet circuit into which up to 1000 Watts of equipment may be plugged. Due to intense demand, special rules apply to Island Tables; see below.

Table sizes are as follows, and one seat will be provided for every 4 feet of table:

  • Half. 4 feet by 30 inches. This is half of a table, and another dealer will be at the other half.

  • Single: 8 feet by 30 inches.

  • Single+Half: 12 feet by 30 inches.

  • Double: 16 feet by 30 inches.

  • Triple: 24 feet by 30 inches.

  • Quad: 32 feet by 30 inches.

  • Island: 32 feet by 30 inches. Special, as seen above.


All tables include 6-8 feet of space behind the table, but sufficient walking paths must be kept open to enable other Dealers to move in and out. Upon request, tables may be removed from your area, or 6 foot tables substituted for 8 foot tables; please contact us in advance of the convention with these requests.

Extra tables added to your space will require purchase of at least a Double table, payment of a surcharge, and advance communication with the Dealers Room Staff. We cannot place additional chairs at your dealership due to space and supply constraints.

2018 has brought electricity to every table- theoretically. There may be certain tables where electricity cannot be provided; our particular concerns are tables A21-A25 and P01-P02, In the event we cannot provide power to a table, a refund of an appropriate amount will be made to the Dealership.


Step III: Approval

Dealerships at Anthrocon are approved on a Queue basis: earlier applications are given priority. The Dealer's Room Director reserves the right to move people earlier or later in the Queue in certain situations, including the following:

  • Applications for one Table type that is full may be offered an alternate table type; after they accept, they may end up in a different placement in the queue.

  • Island Tables are strongly in demand. There will be an application period for Islands, lasting at minimum one week. A judged selection will be made if there are more applicants than available Islands; those not selected for an Island will be given other Table opportunities.

  • Former Guests Of Honor and past Charities are held in regard at Anthrocon, and may be placed earlier in the queue than other Dealerships.

  • Incomplete applications will not enter the Queue until they are completed. The usual reason for an incomplete application is lack of PA Tax ID; please arrange these in advance!

Step IV: Payment

In 2018, approvals made in October or November will be followed immediately by a charge of your credit or debit card, uness you indicate on our webform or by email that you need a delay in payment. If you need this delay in payment, Anthrocon will discuss reasonable payment periods with you by email. Beginning in December, we will ask before charging in all circumstances. Once we have your confirmation, Anthrocon will charge your debit or credit card within 48 hours of the mutually approved time.

Anthrocon cannot move on to Placement without payment. If multiple charging attempts fail, if you cannot give approval in a reasonable timeframe, or if you do not respond to contact attempts, Anthrocon may cancel your application and open it to the next person in the Queue or Waitlist.

Anthrocon does not use Paypal. Anthrocon handles all transactions in US Dollars.

Step V: Placement!

Once payment is complete, Anthrocon will review your application and find the best place to seat you, based on your requests and our table availability. We will email you with your table placement. We must note that table placements are not final until the convention, and especially within the first month of placements, there may be switches of location. If you would prefer a different location after placement, please request one promptly and we'll make an effort to re-seat you.

Half-Tables are generally left to the Dealers sharing them to determine which gets the left and right halves. In the extremely rare event there is a conflict, Dealers Room Staff will determine placement.

Waiting Lists and Cancellations

Once tables space is filled in the Dealer's Room, the Queue will become a Waitlist. To get onto the Waitlist you must make a standard application, complete with all information including a PA Tax ID. We will inform you if you have been placed on the waitlist; this may take some time for us to process, especially as the room gets near capacity. We do not knowingly oversell the Dealer's Room.

Traditionally, we see a certain amount of attrition from dealers who discover scheduling conflicts or encounter other obstacles to attending Anthrocon. We will process the waitlist much like the Queue, with earlier applications taking priority. Let us know you are willing to accept a different table type than your requested one; this will increase your chances of obtaining a table!

Once a table comes open, we will email the Dealer on the waitlist that has a matching acceptable table type that their application is available for approval. There will be a limited time for response, uaually a week. Once the Dealer indicates their willingness to purchase a table, the appropriate table type will be approved and the payment promptly processed. All payments must be made by Credit or Debit Card. If we need an updated version of your credit card information, a phone call should be arranged; do not email us credit card information!

In the event you are unable to get a table from the waitlist, any Dealer or Dealer Assistant Membership will become an Attending Membership. Similarly, Dealer+Sponsors will be Sponsors and Dealer+Supersponsors will be Supersponsors. These Memberships may also be refunded until the close of Pre-registration (June 18th, 2018); please email refunds(at) if a Membership refund is needed.

If you find that you will not be able to make use of one or more of your dealer tables, please inform us as soon as possible. It is unfair to dealers who are on the waiting list to keep them waiting until it is too late for them to make reasonable travel arrangements. It is also unfair and against Anthrocon policy to transfer an unwanted table to another person to bypass the waiting list.

Cancellation of tables or Memberships should be directed to as well as . If cancelling a table, please mention explicitly if you wish to cancel your Dealer membership or have it revert to a standard membership.

Full refunds will be given for tables that are canceled on or before March 15, 2018. No refunds will be given for tables canceled after this!

Full refunds will be given for memberships that are cancelled on or before June 18th, 2018. No refunds will be given for Memberships canceled after this!


There are occasionally last-minute cancellations that cannot be replaced before the close of pre-registration. Anthrocon will offer these tables first-come, first-serve to appropriate potential Dealers with a PA Tax ID; or as upgrade options for Dealers seeking a larger table. Please see us at Dealer Registration if you're interested!

Any table that is left unclaimed as of 10:00 am on Saturday, July 7th, may be offered first-come first-serve to appropriate potential Dealers, unless the owner of the table contacts us prior to that time and explains the situation to our satisfaction. If you know you will be late, or are unable to attend at the last minute, please get in contact with us by email, twitter, or telephone. Our convention operations office can always be reached by calling the Westin Convention Center Hotel switchboard during convention hours. Note that if you fail to claim a table and do not inform us in advance of the convention, it may affect your future opportunities to have a dealer table at Anthrocon!

Before the Dealer's Room Opens

Registration and Membership Badges

Thursday beginning at noon, the Dealer's Room Staff will begin processing Membership badges. This tends to be a quite prompt process in most cases. Each Dealer and Dealer Assistant must present their own Photo ID and must pick up their own Membership Badge. If it is necessary to change someone's badge type to Dealer Assistant at the door, it will be be handled as such:

Pre-registered Members must pick up their badges first, and then present them to Dealer Registration for reprinting as Dealer Assistant.

On-Site Members must enter the On-site line, and register. Their Dealer must be present to certify the Dealer Assistant's status before the printing of badges, or Dealers Registration can provide a certified pass to verify this information. Dealer Assistants may use the expidited line in On-Site Registration, usually listed as the 'Sponsor Line'.

Load-In and Union Labor Issues


Any convention facility large enough to house Anthrocon has a unionized work force. We are quite fortunate that the unions who are employed by the David L. Lawrence Convention Center are reasonable and have been willing to work with us on many issues. It is important that our Dealers understand the rules that will pertain to the Dealers' Room:

  • During setup and teardown AND ONLY WHEN UNION LABOR HAS BEEN CONTRACTED TO BE ON DUTY, SPECIFICALLY THOSE TIMES WHEN THE LOADING DOCK IS OPEN, dealers may bring in only what they can carry on their own, or in a small 2-wheeled luggage case such as one sees in airports. If you have more than that, or if you require a cart, you must bring your wares to the loading dock area of hall B (if unloading directly from a vehicle), or to the Concourse entrance of Hall B. There is no additional cost to dealers for this service (see below). We understand that this may be something new to some of our dealers. Please bear in mind that this is standard practice for large venues such as this one. NOTE: WHEN UNION LABOR IS NOT ON DUTY (i.e, when the loading dock is not open), NO CARTS OF ANY KIND MAY BE BROUGHT IN. ANYTHING THAT CANNOT BE CARRIED IN BY HAND MUST BE LEFT AT THE DOOR TO BE BROUGHT IN BY UNION PERSONNEL.

  • Anthrocon will employ Union labor to assist dealers with moving materials to and from the loading dock or hall entrance area during setup and teardown (again, at no additional cost to those dealers). The Union team and loading dock will be available (tentatively) from 3:00 PM until 9:00 PM on Thursday, June 29, and from 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM on Friday, July 6th to bring items in. These hours are to minimize labor expenses, and well as keep the Dealer's Room comfortable during business hours: the air conditioning automatically shuts off when the loading dock door is open. Union Labor and the loading dock will be available from 4 PM until 8 PM on Sunday, July 8th for teardown.

  • Large displays that require more than one person to assemble, or which require power tools, will have to be assembled with the help of Union labor; likewise, anything that is large enough to require a forklift will need professional moving. Please contact Anthrocon in advance for rates for these specialized services.

  • It is important that Anthrocon maintain a strong and friendly working relationship with the local staff. If you have any disagreements or issues with any Union or Non-Union Convention Center employee, please do not argue with them. Bring your disagreement to the Dealers' Room Director or to the Chairman.


The Dealer's Room is Open!


At the scheduled times, the Dealer's Room will open to Members. Each day, there is an initial period where Sponsor and Supersponsors are permitted entry before General Admission. Please be aware that these people are generally in a hurry to visit one or two Dealers of their choice, so be ready for them!

Guidelines on merchandise

  • Items offered for sale in the Anthrocon Dealers' Room should be related to the theme of the convention (i.e., anthropomorphics and related fields such as costuming, artistry, etc.)

  • Any item that is prohibited for sale is also not permitted for display, giveaway, or delivery during or after the convention unless otherwise specified.

  • Items that are illegal to possess or sell in the United States, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or City of Pittsburgh (Firearms or restricted weapons, pornography involving minors, etc.) are prohibited in the Dealers' Room. Items which require a specific permit or license to display or sell shall require the Dealer to present the license.

  • Depiction of real or fictional minors in adult situations is prohibited.

  • No "pirated" material of any sort will be sold in the Dealers' Room. Exceptions may be made for material that is otherwise unavailable in the United States on a case-by-case basis. The Dealers' Room Director's decision in this matter is final.

  • Non-firearm weaponry such as broadswords are acceptable provided these weapons do not have a sharp edge and that the purchases are fully wrapped afterward. As per Anthrocon Security Policy, these items may not be waved or otherwise brandished in public. Any items which strongly resemble firearms but are non-firing must also be fully wrapped and not brandished. It is strongly suggested that dealers urge customers who purchase such items to carry them directly to their hotel rooms.

  • Items of a distinctly adult nature whose primary purpose is functional rather than artistic are prohibited (if you do not know what that means, please contact us and we will explain). As Anthrocon encourages public health and safety for its attendees, an exception is made for sale or giveaway of condoms and similar prophylactics.

  • By contract with the David L Lawrence Convention Center, food and drink sales, displays, and giveaways are not permitted in the Dealer's Room without express approval from the Director and Levy Catering. Contact us for details.

  • No items may be produced or sold that bear the name "Anthrocon" or the Anthrocon logo. "Anthrocon" and the Anthrocon logo are registered servicemarks of Anthrocon, Inc. Trademark law requires that we prohibit either of these from being used without being formally licensed by Anthrocon, Inc. Such a license agreement requires Anthrocon to request a licensing fee, and also that we pre-approve the use of our servicemarks before items bearing them are produced.


Guidelines on display


The decision regarding what is and what is not appropriate material for display will rest entirely with the Dealers' Room Director. Dealers Room Staff at the convention are considered to be acting in accord with the Director, especially as regards appropriate material. You may diagree with our decisions, but you must abide by them.

  • Artwork, clothing, or other items of an appropriate but adult nature may be sold only if they are kept from public view. Such items must be covered or similarly shielded.

  • Artwork containing adult material may either be shielded by Post-It notes, stickers, or a similar covering, or ideally should be kept in a clearly-marked binder which must be kept closed by the dealer when it is not being viewed by an adult customer. Binders or portfolios containing uncensored artwork must be separate from other binders. A tag or divider between "regular" and "adult" material is not sufficient. Any censoring of artwork (pixelation, blurring, censoriship bars) must be done to the satisfaction of Dealers Room Staff.

  • Artwork, clothing, and other items of an appropriate but adult nature must be delivered to the customer in opaque packaging that obscures the mature item completely, such as a bag, envelope, or folder. If the attendee has their own packaging, they may place it inside that instead.
  • Minors will be clearly identified by a brightly colored name-field on their membership badges; likewise, the entire reverse of the badge will be the same bright color. Further information on how to recognize them will be available on site. Anthrocon holds each dealer responsible to ensure that minors are not permitted to view, handle, or be otherwise exposed to adult materials. If you are in doubt, you can ask your client for identification before allowing him or her to view your wares. Dealers who are found to be displaying adult-oriented items in such a fashion that they can be viewed by underaged members will be afforded a single warning; further incidents may result in that dealer being removed from the Dealers Room without refund, and possible loss of Dealers' Room privileges for future conventions. Please note that in the case of disagreement, the opinion of the Dealers Room Director as to the suitability (or lack thereof) of wares for general display will be final.

  • DEALERS MUST BE AWARE THAT MEMBERS OF THE PRESS, CITY OFFICIALS, AND OTHER MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC MAY BE PRESENT IN THE DEALERS' ROOM DURING REGULAR HOURS. All signs, banners, standing displays, etc. must therefore, must abide by a strict "PG" or better rating. Any display that may be damaging to Anthrocon's public image is strictly forbidden.

  • Five Senses Rule: Your table's displays, merchandise, and staff should not annoy customers or other dealers with sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Specific concerns are bright flashing lights, loud speakers, and strong scents. Video soundtracks, CD previews, video games, and other audio need to be kept at such a volume that they do not annoy customers or other dealers; headphones are recommended if audio is a primary selling point of your business. The Dealers Room Director and staff have the final authority on what does and what does not constitute an annoyance.

Guidelines on sales

  • Sales are to be made only by Dealerships; that includes Dealers, Dealer Assistants, or another Member of Anthrocon directly designated by a Dealer to make sales. Anthrocon recommends any person a Dealer plans to have watch their table or make sales for an extended period of time be made a Dealer Assistant.

  • Sales must be made in appropriate and authorized areas; this is generally understood to be the area of your Dealer's table within Hall B. Sales in the walking aisles, front and rear, and other public areas of Hall B are not permitted except with the express permission of the Dealers Room Director. 

  • Anthrocon Performers may, with special arrangement with the Dealers Room Director, sell merchandise near to their performance. The Performer must be a part of a Dealership, and have a Dealer or Dealer Assistant Membership. The merchandise for remote sale must also be for sale at the Dealership. This must be pre-arranged with the Dealers Room Director. Contact us for details.
  • Sales, exchanges, and barter between Dealerships is quite welcomed. Taxes must still be calculated appropriately.

  • While all Dealers must pay appropriate PA sales tax, it is their choice if that sales tax cost is passed to the Member purchasing goods, or included in listed prices.

  • Dealerships may accept payment in such manner as they choose, so long as sales for sales tax is calculated in US dollars. We recommend if your dealership will accept cash that you bring plenty of change and small bills; Anthrocon cannot make change for you.


Guidelines on actions.


  • There is to be no horseplay in the Dealers Room. This includes the use of any squirt guns, silly string, or any flown or thrown item. Anthrocon is not responsible for injuries, breakage or loss incurred by or caused by any dealer or attendee.

  • There is a strict NO SMOKING policy in the Dealers Room. This also means no vaping. Furthermore, no items that generate an open flame or excessive heat may be employed. If you have an air compressor or similar motorized equipment, you must obtain clearance from the David L Lawrence Convention Center (through the Dealers Room Director) prior to its use.

  • Electrical power is provided for a fee, part of which is paid by Anthrocon to avoid overburdening our dealers. Only Dealerships may use the outlets, and only for their business and important personal devices.

  • Dealers may feel free to spend as much or as little time at their Dealer Table during Dealer hours as they choose. However, if a Dealer table is seeing minimal use and minimal display during the convention, we will make note for future years and seek more active Dealers for the benefit of our membership.


Complaints or concerns about the Dealer's Room should be directed onsite to the Dealers Room Staff and/or Director. You may also feel free to contact Security or other staffpersons during the convention for other issues, particularly for urgent situations. Please try to notify us of your concerns on site, rather than after the fact.


After the Dealer's Room Closes:

Cleanup, Check-out, and Load-out

  • All Dealerships will be given a check-out form during the convention. This form must be filled out and given to the Dealers Room staff or a Volunteer, whom will check their area to ensure it has been packed up and is clean. This checkout procedure may begin early for small dealers who wish to leave in a hurry, but the loading dock and union labor are not available until 4pm. Only Dealerships with a filled-out checkout form are considered ready for departure.

  • Anthrocon is responsible for leaving the Convention Hall in a "broom clean" condition. We are assessed a steep fee if unreasonable amounts of garbage, empty boxes, etc. are left behind when the room is vacated. Trash receptacles will be provided, especially for teardown on Sunday. Any Dealership that leaves an excessive amount of waste behind in their area will be responsible for a $100 cleaning fee, payable to Anthrocon.

  • After the Dealers Room closes at 4:00pm on Sunday, load-out begins in force. Dealerships are expected to rapidly pack and clean their areas to ensure a swift departure. From 4pm onward, only Dealers and DAs are permitted presence and entry to the Dealers Room. This is a very busy time, especially for those who will need Loading Dock access for their vehicles. Usuaully, all but our largest Dealerships are clear by 7:00 pm.

  • In most cases: if the Union had to move your things in, the Union will have to move your things out. Some Dealerships may be fortunate enough to have sold enough merchandise to reduce their items to a hand-carry or cart level from a vehicle load level, but this is not typical.

  • Large Dealerships with large vehicles are often permitted to drive their vehicle onto the floor to speed load-out. This is a limited service and is completely at the discretion of Anthrocon Staff and DLCC employees.
  • Taxi or Rideshare vehicles (Lyft or Uber) must wait in line as any other vehicles if using the loading dock. They are not recommend.

Administrative Details.


  • Issues arising prior to the convention should be directed to , or to our Twitter account at @AnthroconDealer. During the convention, we recommend speaking directly to Dealers Room Staff. After the convention ends, problems brought to our attention are appreciated, but will generally be treated as suggestions for future changes.

  • All decisions made by the Dealers Room Director as to the appropriateness of display, merchandise, conduct, sales, or any other issue will be final.

  • The Dealers Room Director reserves the right to revoke Dealer status, Dealer Assistant status, Dealer Tables, entire Dealerships, or Memberships at any time for any reason, without refund.
  • Any person who accepts a Dealership at Anthrocon is understood to have read the rules in the Dealers Room Information Packet (DRIP), as well as the complete and most recent Anthrocon Standards of Conduct, and has agreed to abide by them. Anthrocon, Inc. also reserves the right to amend these rules at any time without prior or posted notice and reserves the sole right of interpretation.
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