Call Us On The Phone!

Need to get in touch with us during the convention itself? If you're at the convention in person, visiting The Convention Operations Office is probably the best way to reach us. But there is also another way: The Convention Operations Hotline.

The hotline opens on the Wednesday afternoon of each convention, and shuts down the Monday morning following the convention. During that time period, the hotline is manned 24 hours a day by convention staff, who can answer any questions that you may have. (Calls made outside of those dates will go straight to voicemail, and we recommend that you send email instead)

The phone number is:

832-FUR-OPS-1 (832-387-6771)

Feel free to use this number as a point of contact if you need to speak to someone in Con Ops or Security (they share the same physical office).

What sorts of things would you call ConOps for? More info can be found on our Con Ops page.

Note that during other times of the year, all calls will go to voicemail which is checked very infrequently. If you wish to reach us during the year, please try email instead.

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