Anthrocon Charity Auction/Raffle FAQ (v14.0)

Overview: Anthrocon raised $37,598 for Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary in 2017! 

  • What is the Anthrocon Charity Auction/Raffle?

    The Anthrocon Charity Auction is an event on Sunday afternoon of the convention that offers items and products unique to the convention to bidders to raise money for a charity, chosen annually by the convention. The Raffle has the same purpose, but is a ticket-driven event over Friday and Saturday that accepts non-unique items and merchandise, with all winning ticket numbers presented during Sunday's Dealers' Room hours. Higher value donations are sold at the auction. Lower value items are raffled at the charity's Dealers' Room table.

  • What is the Charity this year?

    Anthrocon has selected the Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary to be our beneficiary for 2017. Hope Haven strives to foster positive, lifelong connections between animals and people through exhibits, educational programs, and their many conservation projects.  Their goal is to make certain the Earth remains a suitable home for all life by fostering discovery of the interconnectedness of the natural world.

    The following is from Hope Haven's representative:

    Hope Haven is a beautiful non-profit farm animal sanctuary nestled in the North Hills of Pittsburgh.  Our mission is to rescue neglected farm animals and provide them safe haven.  Our residents range from pigs, goats, sheep, emu, llama, alpaca, and farm birds of every variety.  These animals have been surrendered at animal shelters, confiscated by local humane agents, or saved from factory farms.  They now live out their lives with comfortable housing, nutritious food, and companionship from others of their own kind.  They also receive endless love and affection from the human components of the sanctuary, as well as from guests and supporters.

    Hope Haven also prides itself on being a resource to raise public awareness of the plight of animals raised for food.  We joyfully promote a cruelty-free, plant-based lifestyle.  Rather than focusing on the horrors and suffering inherent in factory farming we want to showcase the individuality and personality of farm animals.  Our hope is that when people realize these animals are sentient creatures deserving of compassion they will make up their own minds to respect life and adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle.

    The farm is open from May through October.  We offer monthly farm tours and frequent volunteer work days.  We also hold several festivals at the farm that are open to the public.  So please make it a point to come out to Hope Haven and meet our residents!  How often do you get to hug a turkey, feed an alpaca, pet an emu, or nuzzle a goat?  Visiting with our animals and hearing their stories is guaranteed to brighten your day and even change your thinking about how all of us (humans and animals) can coexist happily together.

    More information about Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary can be found at their website, If you have any questions regarding Hope Haven, they can be reached through their representative to us, veterinarian Dr. Karen Phillips, at karen[at]

  • What is the background of the Anthrocon Charity Auction/Raffle?

    The Charity Auction at Anthrocon started when the convention began back in 1997. Over the years, Anthrocon has raised over $310,000 for various charities. Anthrocon's Charity Auction has consistently been among the highest performing fandom Charity events by dollar amount annually. In 2009, a raffle was added. Here is a breakdown of approximate (convention) totals by year:

    1997: Therapy Dogs - $2,200
    1998: Whiskers - $3,200
    1999: Great Valley Nature Center - $3,600
    2000: National Greyhound Adoption Program - $6,500
    2001: Reins of Life - $7,200
    2002: Canine Partners for Life - $13,200
    2003: Support Our Shelters - $8,300
    2004: Forgotten Felines & Fidos - $7,200
    2005: Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue - $6,400
    2006: Western Pennsylvania National Wild Animal Orphanage - $8,400
    2007: Animal Friends - $7,608
    2008: Pittsburgh Parrot Rescue - $13,154
    2009: Animal Rescue League Wildlife Rehabilitation Center - $8,992
    2010: Fayette Friends of Animals - $12,849
    2011: Toonseum - $11,522
    2012: Hello Bully - $20,656
    2013: Equine Angels Rescue - $31,255
    2014: The National Aviary - $32,372
    2015: Western PA Humane Society - $35,910
    2016: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium - $32,579
    2017: Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary - $37,598

  • How can I help?

    If you are interested in donating to the Anthrocon Charity Auction or Raffle, send an email to charity(at) stating what you are donating, your name, your preferred email address if it's different, and details on the donation (what is it, medium, artist/donor, etc.). Your information will be recorded for the convention. This information is for approval purposes only - details should be provided with the required information card at the convention.

  • What else do I need to know about donating items?

    If you are donating an item (artwork, sculpture, animation cel, etc), it must be G to PG rated (PG13- or R-rated items accepted only with prior permission). You may either bring it to Anthrocon if you are attending or you may send it via postal mail. Write to charity(at) to receive the address that postal mail items should be sent to. If delivered by mail, the item must include a 3x5 card with pertinent, legible information such as the donor, artist, medium, and any other important information a bidder or ticket-holder should know so that the item may be properly auctioned or raffled. If delivered at the convention, please do so at the charity's Dealers' Room table during Dealers' Room Setup hours on Friday. You will be required to fill out a 3x5 card with the aforementioned information for display and/or auction purposes. Items donated for the auction must be unique - they cannot be available anywhere else at the convention. And please: we appreciate your generosity, but do not donate multiple copies of the same item!

  • What will happen to my donation at Anthrocon?

    Your donation will be on public display at the charity's Dealers' Room table. Less-expensive items will be raffled, with drawing results displayed on Sunday. High-value items will be auctioned one at a time at Sunday's auction event. Once the convention is over, you will be emailed with the price your item sold for if you have provided an email address.

  • Do you have any written rules for the Anthrocon Charity Auction/Raffle?

    The new, revised rules are available on the Anthrocon webpages at They cover many small details of the Auction and Raffle that are not covered in this FAQ.

  • Are there any deadlines?

    We will need all mailed donations to arrive not less than two full weeks before the convention (no later than June 17th). Any donations sent after that date may be returned to you unsold. If you plan to bring your donation to the convention, you may drop it off at the charity's Dealers' Room table during Dealers' Room Setup hours on Friday.

  • Will the convention handle the Charity Auction's proceeds?

    Except for cash donations sent before the convention date, no. Unless the Charity is unable to attend the convention, a representative from the Charity will be present at the Charity Auction and their Dealers' Room table and will collect the funds as the items, services, and tickets are purchased. The proceeds will, at no time, be in the possession of Anthrocon staff.

  • Is this affiliated with the Anthrocon Art Auction?

    Only in that it is at the same convention. The Art Show auctions will feature only items entered in the Art Show. The Charity Auction/Raffle items on display are being solicited and auctioned with no affiliation to the Art Show. You may submit art to the Art Show and merchandise to the Charity Auction/Raffle independently.

  • Who is arranging the convention and auction?

    Dr. Samuel Conway arranges the convention and you may direct questions concerning the convention in general to him via the convention at anthrocon(at)

    Brian Harris arranges the Charity Auction/Raffle, and any questions involving the Charity Auction/Raffle at Anthrocon should be directed to charity(at)

  • What if I would just like to make a cash donation?

    If you would like to donate to the charity before or after the convention, please visit their website for instructions. If you wish to make a cash donation at the convention, the Charity will be present in the Dealers' Room during scheduled hours.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?

    If you have made a donation that has a cash value, it may be. Please contact the charity's representative at the email address specified above for the tax-exempt information.

If you have any further questions, have no hesitation about contacting us and you will receive a quick reply. If you know anyone else who would like to donate to the Anthrocon Charity Auction, please pass this information on. Thank you for helping us constructively help others, assist our community, and provide an enjoyable convention.

- Brian Harris
Anthrocon Charity Director


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