Anthrocon 2006 Art Show Awards

Chairman Kage's Choice
NorthWolf, "Painted Lady"

Director PeterCat's Choice
WingedSiamese, "Autumn Loyalist"

Popular Choice
Jen Seng ("Spunky"), "Furry Gossip"

Staff Choice
Chad Krueger, "Bellows"

Honorable Mention
Timothy Albee, "Because He Can"
Amaruq, "Wolf Howl"
Firestorm Six, "Lion Portrait"
Roz Gibson, "Obscure Animal Alphabet"
Megan Giles, "Vixen"
Mira K. Hall, "Breaking History"
Kacey Miyagami, "Farewell to Earth"
Emily Rigelsky ("Fire Eyes"), "Truffie the Sun Dragon"
Diana X. Sprinkle, "Mouse Trouble"
TaniDaReal, "Signs of the Zodicat"

Popular Choice and Staff Choice were selected by secret ballot of bidders and staff. The others were chosen by the individuals named. Honorable Mentions were the "strong second choices."

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