Anthrocon 2005 Art Show Awards

Guest of Honor Timothy Albee's Choice:
H. Kyoht Luterman, "Longest Night"

(Guest of Honor Peter Laird declined to participate)

Chairman Kage's Choice:
Amy Rawson, "Merlin"

Director PeterCat's Choice:
Stephanie Bittler ("Synnabar"), "The Lion and the Lady"

Staff Choice: (tie)
Timothy Albee, "When We Were Wolves"
Eugene Arenhaus, "Nude Beach"

Popular Choice:
Heather Bruton, "Moonglow"

Honorable Mention:
Allison Reed, "Shepherd"
Chris Goodwin, "I Win"
Jen Seng, "Foxtaur"
Honorah O'Neil, "Remember Me"
J Willard, "Baby Steps"
Louie Furrywolfy, "Anguish"

Popular Choice and Staff Choice were selected by secret ballot of bidders and staff. The others were chosen by the individuals named; I advise the Guests of Honor to pick something that strikes them as outstanding, using whatever criteria they wish. I didn't have the opportunity to discuss Mr. Albee's selection with him, but Kage told me Ms. Rawson's piece was a perfect example of anthropomorphics; it was a sculpture of a bipedal bird of prey, wearing robes patterned after the coloration of the natural animal, and the attention to detail was amazing. My own choice probably reflected my own personal tastes more than it should have, but it was exceptional in its own right; a finely detailed pencil sketch of a lion and his lady in a romantic setting.

Honorable Mentions were the "strong second choices."

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