Anthrocon 2008 News Archive

News and other announcements made about the 2008 convention.

Subject Postedsort icon
Done for 2007! Jul 16th, 2007
2007 Charity Report Jul 25th, 2007
Now accepting Anthrocon 2008 DJ auditions Jul 26th, 2007
Fursuit Photoshoot and Parade photos posted Jul 28th, 2007
Website upgrade complete! Sep 4th, 2007
Pre-registration for 2008 is open Sep 25th, 2007
How hotel reservations will work Oct 7th, 2007
Westin reservations open. Oct 11th, 2007
Anthrocon announces its 2008 "Guest of OK" Oct 26th, 2007
Dealer registration to open November 10 Oct 27th, 2007
Street-view of Pittsburgh now on Google Nov 9th, 2007
Charity Suggestions - 2008 Edition Nov 10th, 2007
Anthrocon Receives Time Warner Community Service Grant For 2007 Charity Work Nov 11th, 2007
Con Store back online Nov 14th, 2007
New FAQ for attendees under age 18 Nov 21st, 2007
Deadline Approaching for Anthrocon 2008 DJ Auditions! Dec 7th, 2007
Omni reservations now available online Dec 10th, 2007
Pittsburgh named one of "Top Destinations for 2008" Dec 11th, 2007
Westin Hotel has no more double rooms. Dec 28th, 2007
Roomshare and Rideshare forums online Jan 1st, 2008
Anthrocon 2008 Charity: Pittsburgh Parrot Rescue Jan 9th, 2008
Westin Hotel Full Jan 12th, 2008
Very important notice for all hotel guests. Please read! Jan 17th, 2008
Anthrocon 2008 Charity Auction & Masquerade e-newsletters start now! Jan 17th, 2008
Anthrocon 2008 DJ Line-Up Jan 28th, 2008
Important notice for dealers: tax license application has changed Jan 29th, 2008
Dealer's Room Update! Jan 31st, 2008
Anthrocon 2008 Conbook Seeking Submission! Feb 10th, 2008
Westin and Omni are both full! Feb 20th, 2008
Welcome FOX Viewers! Feb 27th, 2008
Rooms available at the Doubletree Pittsburgh Hotel! Feb 28th, 2008
Travelling with checked bags Mar 11th, 2008
Help with the Dorsai Irregulars Anthrocon Migration Study Mar 14th, 2008
Anthrocon Dealer's Room: SOLD OUT Mar 16th, 2008
Steel City news Mar 18th, 2008
Anthrocon Dealer's Room: All Applications Processed! Mar 25th, 2008
Some important information (and requests) from the Westin Mar 27th, 2008
Charity Auction seeking art for promo item (2008 edition) Mar 29th, 2008
AC '08 DJ Spotlight: Protocollie Apr 1st, 2008
If you plan to have a party at the Westin... Apr 7th, 2008
AC '08 DJ Spotlight: Ironheart Apr 8th, 2008
Shipping items to the convention (Fursuiters and Dealers, take note) Apr 11th, 2008
AC '08 DJ Spotlight: Draconum Apr 15th, 2008
AC '08 DJ Mixes and Samples Apr 16th, 2008
AMTRAK offers 10% off rail fares to Anthrocon! Apr 16th, 2008
Art Show reservation deadline has passed, now what? Apr 18th, 2008
Reminder: Conbook/Advertising Deadline Approaching Fast! Apr 20th, 2008
AC '08 DJ Spotlight: DJ Dragonboy Apr 23rd, 2008
Rooms available at all hotels Apr 24th, 2008
AC '08 DJ Spotlight: DJ Big Blue Fox Apr 29th, 2008