Anthrocon 2017 Panel and Programming Suggestions Are Now Open!

Have an idea for a panel or event that you'd like to host at Anthrocon 2017? Help us knock this year out of the park and tell us all about it!

Just fill out the form below to get started:

Do you have any questions? Our Programming team can be reached via email at

We look forward to hearing from you!


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We're on Telegram Now!

I am happy to announce that we’re on Telegram now! Come subscribe to our channel for the latest news and announcements as they happen!


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Requests for WESTIN suites for Anthrocon 2017 are now being taken!

Anthrocon's hotel rooms are not yet available for reservations! On Thursday, February 2, 2017*, at 11:00 AM EST, we will throw open the doors for people to make reservations at the Westin Convention Center (our flagship hotel), as well as our all-within-easy-walking-distance satellite hotels, the Doubletree, Courtyard by Marriott, Hampton Inn, Marriott City Center, Omni William Penn, the Wyndham Grand, and the Renaissance, and as an added bonus, we are negotiating for some space at the Homewood Suites and the Drury. And yes, we will be providing a shuttle for ALL hotels other than the Westin this year.

Requests for Westin Hotel suites (and ONLY SUITES) are now being taken. Suites are deluxe rooms as described below and are more expensive than regular hotel rooms, which this year will be about $184 ($210 with tax) per night. We make suites available early because of the high demand. Remember, only suite requests for the Westin are being accepted at this time. Regular room reservations begin on February 2.

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Anthrocon T-shirts from past years no longer available.

We sold nearly every one of our 2016 T-shirts, thanks to the amazing artwork contributed by our honored guest Tracy Butler.  We had a number of 2015 shirts and a few 2014 shirts that were destined for our Con Store next year, but with the catastrophic flooding that has occurred in North Carolina due to Hurricane Matthew, the Board of Directors felt that it would be more appropriate to donate our remaining stock of shirts to disaster relief efforts there.  Thus, our full stock of prior-year shirts has been delivered to local Emergency Services representatives for distribution in the hardest-hit areas.

Please accept our apologies if you were hoping to purchase one of our earlier shirts at the next convention.  We believe, however, that our attendees will understand our desire to help out those who have lost everything to the floodwaters.

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The Anthrocon 2017 Website is now live!

It's here! The Anthrocon 2017 website is now up and running. The design is by Cuprohastes, who we thank for the excellent work!

In addition to this change, we are well underway with our Anthrocon 2017 preparations. The first one is Registration. Except that to open later this month.

Have you never attended Anthrocon before, but are thinking of doing so for the first time in 2017? You may want to check out our New To Anthrocon section of the website.

Just 266 days left until Anthrocon 2017 is here. Smiling

-- Giza

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Anthrocon 2016 Fursuit Photos Are Up

The Anthrocon 2016 Fursuit Photos are up!



We'd like to thank Warphammer and Kreggan for all of their hard work in setting up this year's photoshoot!

A photo rights note from the photographers: "Nonexclusive, nontransferable rights to noncommercially use each image are granted to those depicted in said image only."


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Anthrocon 2016 Fursuit Group Photo

Thanks to the efforts of Warphammer and Kreggan, the Anthrocon 2016 Fursuit Group Photo is up!

The big picture can be found here.

That said, the photo is so big that it may cause your browser to break.

Here are some other versions of the picture, which may be viewable in your browser (or retrieved via wget):

Is there a demand for other resolutions? Let us know, or feel free to reach out to the photographers over Twitter.

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Anthrocon 2016 Wrapup!

We can agree with that!

What a convention we had this year!

Let's start with some numbers:

- Attendance: 7,310 of you attended the convention this year. That's a new attendance record, and up substantially from 6,348 attendees last year!

- The Fursuit Parade: We had an astonishing 2,100 fursuiters in the parade this year. That's a HUGE jump from 1,460 fursuiters last year!

- Our charity this year was the The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. Thanks to your efforts, we raised $31,880 for them!

- Our social media presence was huge! We made it as high as the #4 trending topic in Pittsburgh and for the first time ever we broke 1 million Twitter impressions during the week of the convention.

While the con itself is still over, we'd like to ask for a little extra help from those of you who went.

We have a Post-con Survey at If you could take the time to fill it out, and let us know what we did right, and we could do better, we'd appreciate it. We'll read the responses over the coming weeks and use them in our planning for next year's convention.

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Anthrocon 2016 Charity Event Summary

Hi, and welcome to the 2016 edition of the Anthrocon Charity Events Followup!

Anthrocon raised a new record total of $32,579 for The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, our supported charity this year. Thanks very much to Jamie Szoszorek and all their volunteers who came out to participate!

We also set a new record for money raised in the Raffle!

More special thanks are in order to the following groups and individuals:

* To all the donors who contributed artwork, merchandise, and memorabilia to the auction and raffle, and to all those who both bid at the auction and bought raffle tickets.

* To the Dorsai Irregulars, Anthrocon's security contingent, who contributed the Elevator Golden Ticket and "Down In Front!" ticket for 2017.

* To Dr. Samuel Conway and 2, the Ranting Gryphon, for their charity performance for which all ticket sales were donated to charity. Also, again to Dr. Conway for his annual auctioneering skills.

* To all the fursuiters who volunteered their time for fursuit "bucket brigade" duties.

* To the Westin, Omni, DoubleTree, and the Courtyard, who each generously offered up one or more four-night stays during Anthrocon 2017.

* To all the attendees who bought merchandise and made cash donations to the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium's donations buckets at their table.

I would like to give thanks to my staff who helped conduct both the charity auction and raffle.

None of this could've occurred without the assistance of Mike "Mrianti" Pierce, Trevor "Mr. Mutt" Boyd, Tracey "Stormy" Bealer, and Tamarie "CelticKitty" Simmons.

Unclaimed high-ticket raffle items will be re-raffled next year.

RESULTS ARE CURRENTLY TENTATIVE for a month or two after publication of this summary to account for additional incoming donations and human error.

Finally, here are all the details.

Charity Auction (in no particular order) [donor - item - sale price]:

Tye Dye - "Fox In A Box" signed poster - $25

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